Just These 3 Aphrodisiac Drinks Are Best

Martini with olives on table
Aphrodisiacs are all the rage these days because they are a fun and effective way to enhance pleasure both before and after sex, but the reality is that they have actually maintained a significant presence for centuries. The luxury of this fact is that over time trial and error has risen some concoctions to the top in regards to how well they achieve desired goals in the bedroom. Even more beneficial to the public is that aphrodisiacs that are consumed in liquid form have several different iterations, meaning that flavors and potency vary, depending on a person’s preference. This is additionally important for individuals that have certain allergies that want to partake in the effects, but simply need an alternative that will not put their health in jeopardy. But just what are the best aphrodisiac drinks/cocktails, and why?


Almost everyone is aware of wine and how it alters the receptors in the brain, but few understand just how deep its roots go. The fermentation of this drink has been around since the BC era, something very few other aphrodisiacs can compete with. Armenia, China, and Greece are just of the few notable locations where it was utilized to tremendous success. Wine has the connotation as a love potion because of its tendency to relax those who digest it. This is a crucial step in intimacy because it allows for the maximum amount of endorphins to fire. Endorphins are hormones that ‘relieve’ the body from stress and promote happiness and improved well being.

Even though it is a natural response that is produced, it is sometimes referred to as an analgesic ‘drug’ because it alleviates negative thoughts and feelings. This is obviously beneficial when engaging with a partner, and is why wine is used on a daily basis among couples.


A large group of coffee connoisseurs already believe it is a gift from the gods, but it is also one that can be advantageous beneath the sheets. Java is obviously commonly associated with morning routines, and is at minimum, a way to relax your mind. However even though it is frequently linked to passive activities, its benefits as a stimulant should not be overlooked. Caffeine in coffee produces energy in sustained spurts, depending on how much is consumed. This energy can be converted to stamina, which is coveted during intercourse. Moreover, dopamine release and changes to your metabolism are a direct outcome after digestion. Both of these effects boost pleasure because they prepare the brain for the feeling of ecstasy while encouraging rapid blood flow.

An added bonus to coffee that makes it one of the best aphrodisiac cocktails is that it is highly mixable and can skyrocket intimacy with other sex-inducing ingredients.

Tongkat Ali

Easily the least recognizable aphrodisiac from its name alone, it should not be cast aside in the search for the most powerful. Tongkat ali has rich roots with properties that are useful in medical supplements. It is worth its weight in gold for people who want to increase their cravings and performance during sex. What tongkat ali is reliable for is addressing hormonal deficiencies and regulating proper testosterone levels. Both of these variables are absolutely essential for an individual hoping to experience euphoria with another person. There are large swaths of people who are merely unable to have their dopamine secrete normally or notice a jump in testosterone. When mixed as a cocktail, tongkat ali is a health tonic that reinforces cravings, while simultaneously affecting stamina and added sperm count in males. Though not proven definitively by science, it has also been used to battle erectile dysfunction.


Wine, coffee, and tongkat ali all have established themselves as worthwhile additions in generating peak sexual performance. Their advantages far outweigh their disadvantages, and are some of the cheapest agents of intimacy to obtain. That said, as with anything in life, you get what you pay for, and Spanish Fly Pro sets itself apart with ease in the field of aphrodisiacs (their official site). The Spanish Fly (which is actually a beetle) is noteworthy because of its secretion of cantharidin. If unaware, cantharidin is a substance that has no smell and is released in nature to attract females in droves. It is astoundingly effective, but poisonous in the wild. Spanish Fly Pro has included the healthy nutrients of the agent while completely eliminating all of its toxicity. The way it works is by stimulating the libido (similar to Viagra), with much more noticeable impact. Blood flow moves at a steadier speed with its application, sustaining erections and ensuring an upgrade in stamina. Spanish Fly Pro is a compelling agent to spice up your love life because it highlights a couple’s cravings to mate and indulge in pleasure, just like in nature. Read my personal review with Spanish Fly PRO here – Worth Reading

As if that weren’t enough, it can also be taken with some of the aforementioned aphrodisiac drinks to further expound upon its benefits.