Passion for amazing, wonderful foods and a dedicated interest in their positive effects on sexual prowess is how My Aphrodisiacs was born. Starting as four strangers from four different countries, we met one another at the wine degustation in France and our mutual interest in delicacies and aphrodisiacs jumpstarted our research and we have not looked back since.

The fact that we all reside in different places and share a love for travel has created a profound effect on our ability to taste and learn from new flavors and various cultures. Bringing these rewarding experiences together as friends, we have combined our feedback to determine the most potent and successful aphrodisiacs found the world over.

The study of aphrodisiacs is an exciting, interesting and fruitful journey, and one that is often overlooked considering how many centuries they have proven their benefits. Whether it be from food, herbs or insects, there are an innumerable amount of resources that deliver the most effective aphrodisiacs on the planet.

The goal is to bring our knowledge to you, and improve your sex and quality of life effortlessly. Love making is considered taboo, but in actuality is one of the most important aspects to our vitality and health. In sharing our discoveries with you, we look forward to the positive results you will experience firsthand with your partners.