Absinthe Aphrodisiac – Using The Green Fairy As A Bedroom Stimulant

The full bottle of original absinthe which could be considered as an aphrodisiacYou’ve likely no doubt heard some kind of myth, legend, or story about the powerful liquor absinthe. You’ve probably heard stories wild and vivid experiences that people have had while drinking this substance. There is no denying that it such a potent substance that it was one time banned in the United States. While this isn’t the case anymore, there are now claims that the liquor can actually improve your love-making experience.

A Quick Rundown Of The Green Fairy

Wormwood is a powerful herb that has been utilized in conjunction with tons of other substances throughout history. The thought of a wormwood-infused liquor is nothing new and it actually dates back to the days of the Egyptian Empire. This is how the infamous green fairy came about today. It was a French doctor by the name of Pierre Ordinaire that created the substance known as absinthe today. While he was living out his days in the Swiss town of Couvet treating local patients, he wanted and needed access to more powerful elixirs. This is when he decided to mix some of the local herbs with another herb known as Artemisia absinthium or wormwood. His substance eventually become the talk of the town and was boasted on for being able to treat everything from flatulence to anemia.

Is Absinthe Really An Aphrodisiac?

You’ll find that there are tons of people that swear by the powerful aphrodisiac powers of the substance. However, you’ll also find a whole handful or more of people claiming that the substance does nothing in the bedroom. What really needs to be noted is that there really isn’t much known or proven about the effects of absinthe in general. Not just in the bedroom, but in a general sense. There is simply no denying that when consumed, users will experience unusual effects. However, there is little known as to what in the substance causes these mind-bending effects.

Over the years, the wormwood herb has gotten most of the credit for the odd mind-shifting capabilities of the substance, but there is still so much more that remains unexplained. Some scientists have recently explained that the biochemical reactions from the wormwood improve the brain’s cognitive functions, but this is just the tipping point. On some level, it seems that the substance improves the functioning of all senses, while on another level, it seems to alter the way the mind perceives or interprets sensory input. Unfortunately, improving the love-making experience doesn’t necessarily make the substance an aphrodisiac.