Asparagus Aphrodisiac – Increasing The Libido One Stick At A Time?

Asparagus on white plate with lemon as a main dishIf you look at the two words asparagus and aphrodisiac side by side, it’ll almost seem as if they were made for each other. While they are two completely different things, they are almost spelled the same way. Whether you are strictly a vegetarian, a healthy eater, or just an average individual, it is likely that you’ve heard of asparagus and all the powerful healing properties contained within it. However, did you know that it not only closely resembles the word aphrodisiac, but it is an actual potential mood enhancer?

A Look Back At Asparagus

There are actually over 300 different species of plants that can be classified as asparagus plants, however, there is only one that people eat. And, this would be the Asparagus Officinalis. This powerful superfood has been boasted as a powerful aphrodisiac as early as the 15th Century. There was an Indian sex manual published called the Ananga Ranga and it was written by Kalyana Malla. In this manual, it suggests that asparagus not only provides aphrodisiac like elements, but it is also a great counter to fatigue.

What Kind Of Aphrodisiac Effects Does Asparagus Offer?

Asparagus, much like the banana, somewhat gives off an aphrodisiac shape. However, it is more than just the appearance that earned this vegetable its reputation. The pencil-shaped end of the stick is also packed with nutrients that are essential to healthy hormone production. Amongst these, one of the most noted is vitamin E. A good injection of vitamin E is not only essential for hormone production, but it can do wonder for the skin. That being said, vitamin E is not the only powerful ingredient that you’ll be privy to when consuming this vegetable.

You’ll also have access to compounds known as steroid glycosides. These promote hormones that affect reproduction. On top of this, the substance is also loaded down with fiber. Just a single half-cup serving will provide you with as much as 7 percent of your daily fiber needs.

How To Get The Most From Your Asparagus?

Simply consuming asparagus as a single unit would be enough to provide you with the powerful sexual effects that you are seeking. However, if you want to make the substance healthier overall, you’ll want to leave out the butter. You’ll find that a lot of recipes call for butter and while it is very tasty, it is not exactly the healthiest thing in the world for you. Instead, you might want to opt for a healthier canola or olive oil, which is nowhere as near as high in trans fats. Watch out for those recipes that also call for lots of salts. You’ll want to substitute or just leave it out altogether.