Bacon Aphrodisiac – Getting To Know The Romantic Side Of Bacon

few crispy bacon slices on white plateWhile there is little to no evidence from a nutritional standpoint to support the idea that bacon is an aphrodisiac, you’ll see a lot of references on the Internet currently saying that it is. One has to admit that it would be pretty easy to see how the smoky, crispy, salty slices could be incorporated into a steamy night of seduction.

History Of Bacon

There is simply no denying that bacon is currently one of America’s favorite pork products. Breakfast, dinner, lunch, or snack time, bacon really works any time of the day or night. Not only does it work for any meal, but it is a pork product that has inspired countless memes and t-shirt slogans. Despite the popularity of this pork product, there are far too few people that know and understand the rich history of the product. It wasn’t until thousands of years ago that this salty pork product started appearing on dining tables in China. These pork cutting methods originated and spread throughout the Roman Empire while the Anglo-Saxon peasants using bacon fat as a cooking additive.

While bacon means one specific product today, this wasn’t always the case. Back in the 16th-century bacon referred to all pork products. This is a word that derives from various Germanic and French dialects, which refers to the back or rear. This is kind of precarious considering that the bacon cut comes from the side or belly of the hog.

Can Bacon Put You In The Mood?

As was mentioned above, there is little no scientific evidence showing that bacon is an aphrodisiac, but can any food really produce sexual desire? Do aphrodisiacs really exist? Some seem to think so. And, a recent online poll found that strawberries, ice cream, and whipped cream are the four most common foods associated with lust. Still, there are some experts that will tell you there are no such things as aphrodisiacs. Still, when you think about it, a greasy slab of cured pork belly is no odder than many of the other foods that have historically been considered aphrodisiacs: asparagus, artichokes, avocados, bananas, black beans, chili pepper, figs, licorice, and pine nuts. Bacon certainly puts one in a good mood when eating it and who’s to say that it can’t put you in a good mood in the bedroom as well.

Consuming Bacon As An Aphrodisiac

While bacon has never been on a list of aphrodisiac, there are tons of men out there that would tell you that it could certainly put them in the mood. And, if you want to take advantage, you’ll want to combine it with other powerful, known aphrodisiacs like avocados.