Balut – One Of The World’s Strangest Aphrodisiac

A Filipino culinary delicacy, balut is a duck egg that is hard boiled. More specifically, it is a duck fetus that can be developed enough to have a beak, feathers and eyes, and is devoured from the shell. If balut does not sound appetizing, you are not alone, so much so that it has been used for eating challenges on popular daredevil TV shows. It is sometimes referred to as FDE, meaning fertilized duck egg.

What Does It Taste Like?

To eat balut, you crack the egg and peel off the top, where you can drink the broth. You can also drain it and add salt and vinegar to enhance the flavor. It is soft on the tongue, and dissolves in your mouth. There are no bones or innards that are crunchy. The texture is more akin to pudding than feathers, even if they are present. Most who indulge in it do not eat the white component, which is known as the albumen. The taste itself resembles a frothy soup, but with a thicker and creamier consistency. Moreover, it is something that is intended to be eaten just before sundown. The urban legend that goes along with that preference is that it is easier to eat an embryo when it is more difficult to witness what you are chewing.

How Is It An Aphrodisiac?

Full of calcium and protein, balut is actually very good for you. With over 180 calories typically found in a serving, it causes people to feel more energetic. Beyond just its nutrition, balut is a giant conductor of body heat. It gets blood pumping faster than usual from its iron, and those who eat it claim it causes you to become sweaty and more inclined to desire sex. Men in southeast Asia take it frequently to prolong stamina and the ability to perform. Although their flavors and texture are entirely different, balut is occasionally compared with oysters due to their perceived placebo effects. While there is no denying that the ingredients in balut cause a change physically after eating it, some people think sex drive increasing is a matter of endorphins being released in the brain.

Where Can You Get Balut?

Balut’s origin is in the Philippines, where it can frequently be found on food trucks and select markets. It is considered a snack and not something you are likely to find in many other regions around the world besides Vietnam and Cambodia. The small treat should not take the place of a meal, and there are’t very many methods to serve and prepare it differently. Make no mistake, balut is an aphrodisiac that is not similar in flavor to any other love substances whatsoever, which is part of its charm.


Balut is easily one of the more bizarre aphrodisiacs available, but Filipinos and restaurant connoisseurs swear by its taste and effects on intimacy. Even though it does not pair well with alternative aphrodisiacs like avocados or salmon, it is an interesting item to consume that can lead to improved sexual prowess.

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