Banana Aphrodisiac – Is This Suggestive Shaped Fruit A Bedroom Enhancer?

two bananas in shape of heart on white backgroundThere is simply no denying that bananas offer a suggestive shape that somewhat resembles the male member. There is also no denying that it is a superfood that is known for all kinds of powerful health benefits. Bursting with B vitamins and potassium, the banana can help produce reproductive hormones that’ll supposedly put you in the mood any time of the day or night. Is this is the actual case and how can you take advantage of its powerful aphrodisiac effects?

A Quick History Of The Banana

If you see a banana, you are most likely going to think of something tropical. And, why shouldn’t you? These fruits are a staple for many tropical populations, but is this where they really came from? Bananas are believed to have originated out of the Malaysian area about 4,000 years ago. During this time, they spread all the way from India to the Philippines and made it as far as New Guinea. While bananas are probably like a lot of things and they were used long before recorded, it was the armies of Alexander the Great that found these items growing in 327 BC.

The Arabian traders introduced the banana plant into Africa in 1482 AD. It wasn’t long after the discovery of the New World that the bananas made their way from African to the tropical parts of the New World. You can literally see that the banana traveled more than halfway around the world before it reached the tropical areas of what is known as America today, but did it bring powerful aphrodisiac effects along with it? Whatever the case is, it is interesting to note that about two-thirds of the world’s bananas today are produced in tropical America.

What Aphrodisiac Effects Do Bananas Offer?

Besides looking like a male member, you might be surprised to learn that the banana has a whole lot to offer the world of romance. Just start by peeling back the outer layer and you’ll find a fleshy fruit that is packed with nutrients essential to sexual hormone production. This would include potassium as well as other essential B vitamins. It is not just in America that the banana is considered an aphrodisiac either. In Indian, the fruit is offered to many of the fertility gods. And, in Islam, it was the banana, not the apple that was considered to be the forbidden fruit.

That being said, the banana’s aphrodisiac reputation isn’t just all hype. This soft, sweet, tropical fruit of nutritional goodness is packed with fiber, potassium, and thought to be an excellent aid of lowering blood pressure. The banana is not only gentle on the digestive system, but it is packed with essential amino acids that can promote relaxation all across the board. And, relaxation is essential to performance in the bedroom.