Bay Leaf Aphrodisiac – From Ancient Greeks To Bed

bay leaf on transparent backgroundBay leaf is a popular food that has gained a reputation as an aphrodisiac. In some cultures, it is believed that consuming bay leaves can help someone see the future. Whether or not this is true, it is known that this food is mildly narcotic making it a good choice for those wanting to enhance their love life. Bay leaf has a rich history and it is a symbol of Apollo. The Ancient Greeks were fascinated by bay leaf. Victorious warriors and other celebrated figured were given wreaths constructed of bay leaves proving their importance to these individuals.

History Of Bay Leaf

Bay leaf has been around for a long time. During the time of the Ancient Greeks, the bay leaf was a big part of the culture. The Greek God Apollo wore a crown made of bay laurel which is another term used to describe bay leaf. When warriors went to battle and returned victoriously, they were given a crown similar to the one Apollo wears. Sporting events winners and great poets were given this honor as well.

Today, bay leaf is known as a popular aphrodisiac thanks to its narcotic effects. It has also gained a reputation for being able to help people see the future.

What Aphrodisiac Effects Can You Get From Bay Leaf?

Despite its history, bay leaf has become a popular aphrodisiac and it is easy to see why. Bay leaf can add flavor to your meals. However, you’re interested in something else. If this is the case, you should know that it can produce a narcotic-like effect. When you consume bay leaf, your body is going to be numbed and you’ll feel euphoric. You’ll feel like you’re on Cloud 9. Its mildly narcotic characteristics are what make it an aphrodisiac.

You may not see the future after eating a bay leaf. However, you will be able to spice things up in the bedroom. Before hitting the bedroom, you should share some bay leaf with your partner.

Best Way To Eat Bay Leaves

While bay leaves are edible, experts do not recommend eating them raw. So, your best option to preserve as many of the nutrients as possible is to add them to soups and teas. Some prefer eating bay leaves after they have undergone the dehydration process. Unfortunately, this is not going to be your best option. To dehydrate bay leaves, high temperatures are required, resulting in loss of vitamins and nutrients.