Body Sweat Aphrodisiac – Real Or Placebo?

It may seem as though body sweat as an aphrodisiac is a placebo in making people think they are more turned on by the smell it emits, but there are actually several examples in nature that validate its effect on potential mates. But what is in it to cause interest in your partner and how long does it last?

What Does Smelling Sweat Do To Your Brain?

Animals and insects are known for using all sorts of methods to attract a partner, and one of these is distributing androstadienone, which is a component in sweat. Pheromones are substances secreted that change the behavior and even physiology of subjects nearest to you. This can include releasing endorphins in their brain causing them to be happy after getting a whiff of your sweat. Androstadienone is deemed attractive because it generates thoughts of euphoria and induces arousal quickly.

Body sweat also serves as an aphrodisiac for the mental images it provides in other people. Perspiration gives individuals the connotation of intercourse, as these glands work overtime during sex. Since sweat is a frequent byproduct of fitness, many people, particularly men, associate it with physical contact and activity. It is known as the ‘power of suggestion,’ meaning it plants the idea in someone’s head that they are willing to engage in intimacy.

Who Does It Affect More, Men Or Women?

Even though males typically prefer to see a woman with body sweat as opposed to vice versa, studies have shown that it is actually females that react to the pheromones that are released. Additionally, if women are ovulating, it compounds this effect.

Those that can detect a positive scent from body sweat almost universally agree that it explodes their drive to make love. And androstadienone is most potent just after the gland freshly releases it. Body odor begins to take over the longer sweat is present because it begins to oxidize. Moreover, there are countless case studies that link people who routinely work out and sweat more with an enhanced sex life.


Body sweat is a very rewarding aspect to any healthy relationship that has a physical element. The only drawback is that you must be in close range with a potential mate for the pheromones to capture their attention. Fresh, ‘appealing’ body sweat also does not last, as the longer it is on your skin, the salt, ammonia and urea become more prominent in the smell.