Catuaba Aphrodisiac – Erotic Dream Maker

Trees seem like an unassuming source of sexual stimulants, but it is this uniqueness mixed with its power in men and women that makes catuaba an intriguing aphrodisiac. The bark and the root are advantageous to place into herbal remedies to help people heal, but they also have properties that are known to enhance libido.

Where Is Catuaba Used As An Aphrodisiac Most Prominently?

Though distributed throughout the world for its effects on human wellness, catuaba flourishes in Brazil, with natives marveling at the plant’s abilities to boost sex drive. They also lean on the small tree’s impact on quicker recovery times after intimacy, with fatigue at a minimum.

Catuaba is one of only a select few aphrodisiacs that positively manipulates the nervous system. This is vital because it calms nerves and promotes relaxation. More specific to craving sex, catuaba combats impotence and is even said to give way to erotic dreams for those who consume it.

Are There Any Side Effects To Catuaba?

Catuaba is a harmless aphrodisiac source from nature that has no toxicity. If anything, it is a valuable asset to fighting various medical conditions, and even improving insomnia.


Though potent, the plant is hard to come by, and as such, difficult to acquire for its aphrodisiac-like qualities. If it is ever obtained, it is best to ingest it in its most raw form to get maximum impact from its properties.