Celery Aphrodisiac – Androsterone Enhancer

Celery is viewed as a casual snack food for most of us, but because over 90% of it is comprised of water and minerals, it is a source of hydration that jump starts the body even faster than a glass of liquid. More interestingly, it is something that can be digested easily to work its magic in the bloodstream. But why is celery thought of as an aphrodisiac?

Celery Is Visually Suggestive

Aphrodisiacs are classified as such for a variety of reasons, and one of which is appearance. Stalks of celery mimic male genitalia, and is thought to provoke feelings of interest in intercourse. This association goes as far back as ancient times, where it was used to induce sexual arousal.

How Is Celery An Aphrodisiac?

Packed with nutrients and minerals, celery is one of the healthiest quick to eat foods available. Since it is eaten raw, the human body takes in its amino acids in its purest form, generating the best possible results. It is theorized that the smell of celery can invoke sensuality in women, but this has never been proven.

Androsterone, a male pheromone, is where celery really shines for lovemaking. This is distributed during sweat, and can attract the opposite sex if in large enough quantities. Moreover, the chemical components in celery manipulate the pituitary gland in a beneficial fashion, guaranteeing that hormones are regulated. The reason this is important is because it will lower the chances of decreased sex drive and erectile dysfunction. Additionally, celery aids in the production of adrenaline, which is very much needed during intimacy.

Is Celery Safe?

Since celery is basically ingesting water in a crunchy form (depending on how it is prepared), there are no side effects to its inclusion in your diet. Even the minerals in celery are all advantageous to the human body running more smoothly. In fact, it is such a vital health component that some medical professionals advise their patients to eat it in order to calm their nerves and lower anxiety.

What Is The Best Way To Get The Most Out Of Celery?

Obviously the vast majority of diets are not going to be focused on celery, but eating it consistently can be extremely beneficial to your sex life. The more that is consumed, particularly with men, the more pheromones are released in your sweat. Since celery naturally hydrates, it is effective in both providing energy and promoting heightened sexual awareness among partners.

Why Is Celery A Good Source Of Fuel For Sex?

In most cases couples will obviously not be loading up on celery bedside before an amorous situation, but it is something that can be eaten fast and with zero preparation. Celery is also great in soups, especially those with zinc in them, which happens to be another aphrodisiac. Using parts of the stalk make for a terrific tea as well. Whether grabbing some on the go or mixing them into delicious meals, it will help stimulate your senses.


Celery is likely the cheapest aphrodisiac to acquire, and one that can work tremendously well if ingested in large amounts.