Cinnamon Aphrodisiac – Heat Up Your Sex Life

Besides its sweet, delectable flavor, the anti-inflammatory properties in cinnamon help aid in normalizing blood sugar levels. Beyond that however, it is also an aphrodisiac in its impact on heating up the body. But how does it generate thoughts of sexual desires?

The Truth About Cinnamon

The flavor of cinnamon leads people to incorrectly believe it is not a valuable asset to our lives, but in reality the spice has many health benefits, including inside the bedroom. Obviously your diet cannot be predicated on it alone, but in moderation a noticeable change in your body temperature can be felt. It represents an invigorating component to ingest with your partner that creates a bigger sex drive for both parties.

An Aromatic Aphrodisiac

Testing done with introducing patients to cinnamon has provided valuable insight on the positives involved with its aromatherapy. It is an aphrodisiac that releases dopamine in the brain and fires synapses that help humans relax. This relaxation and general feelings of happiness make those who are routinely in contact with the spice by smell or taste more open to the idea of intimacy because of the positive association it makes in our brains.

Cinnamaldehyde, a compound that produces cinnamon’s odor, is especially pungent for women, causing them to experience more interest than usual in lovemaking.

How Does Cinnamon Affect The Body As An Aphrodisiac?

Cinnamon is a source of manganese, which is vital to metabolic activities. Perhaps more interesting is how it promotes nutrient absorption. When aphrodisiacs enter the bloodstream more quickly they allow body temperature to spike and even have the ability to make people flush in the face. It not only stimulates their senses, but does so rapidly. Additionally, progesterone levels in women are raised significantly when cinnamon is included in the dishes they eat.

Unknown to most is that cinnamon also burns extra sugar. This is coveted from aphrodisiacs because it is the cause of jumps in energy because fatigue has been limited. It is said that the chemicals in the spice can induce activity on the libido from direct contact as well. Cinnamon is often found in diets for men suffering from impotence and erectile dysfunction because it is a substance that sparks activity by dilating blood vessels.

Is Cinnamon Safe?

One of the more controllable aphrodisiacs available, cinnamon is a hard substance to abuse past nausea. It is not an ingredient many people are allergic to, and is found in popular meals the world over, even if it is not the most recognizable flavor of the dish. Rumor has it that cinnamon oil is most efficient at preheating the body for intimacy, but it has not yet been proven in a proper lab environment.


Because cinnamon allows the body to use nutrients at a faster rate, it is a solid substance to use with other aphrodisiacs like zinc to make interest in intercourse skyrocket. It is also easy to attain and delicious to blend into treats and snacks that can literally be eaten bedside as foreplay.