Clams Aphrodisiac – The Most Efficient Way To Hormone Production

For generations, seafood has been recognized as a delicacy that has more aphrodisiacs in them than any other meal types we consume. This is because they are packed with nutrients that are not only potent in generating arousal, but integral to maintaining vitality. Feeling young and energetic is something we all desire, and clams is a food that delivers this, and several other positive attributes, effortlessly. But what do clams do to help with sex?

What Is The History Of Clams?

Similar to shrimp used in gumbo, and oysters utilized in broths, clams have long been incorporated into soups and chowders to stimulate the senses and awaken bodily function. In fact, it has been linked to improvements in erectile dysfunction, though never truly proven in a clinical setting. Also like other seafood, clams actually have a history of being an anti-aging device. It is thought that the proteins and amino acids help aid in having a youthful appearance, which directly correlates to a boost in stamina.

What Aphrodisiac Effects Do Clams Produce?

The abundance of vitamins in clams are hugely resourceful in how well they work in sync with the human body. B12, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, and selenium are just a few of the riches they provide our cells, all of which help maintain a positive mood. Clams induce feelings of pleasure and relaxation by affecting the dopamine levels in our brain. The same is true of most seafood, which is why scientists marvel at its ability to enhance performance in the bedroom. Clams are also a libido booster, and are generally recommended for men more than women. In females, oysters are usually a more popular aphrodisiac because they manipulate estrogen levels. Perhaps the most worthwhile aspect of clams is that they are the key component to the production and efficiency of sexual hormones. These hormones are what dictates the amount of drive a person has to want to engage in intercourse, so by making clams a part of your diet, you are ensuring that your desires have never been higher.

What Is The Best Way To Consume Clams?

Clams are a unique aphrodisiac because they can be eaten plain, or mixed with several other aphrodisiacs. In fact, a good tip if you are seeking to improve your sexual health dramatically is to use them as an ingredient in vegetable juice. The effects of this are two-fold, in that it not only sparks your interest in intimacy and boosts your libido, it also provides energy and streamlines your hormones. In fact, clams with essential vitamins found in natural vegetables is one of the healthiest concoctions on Earth.


If you are an individual that needs to bring more aphrodisiacs into your routine to spice up your love life, clams are a good starting point because they work quickly and do not require a lot of cooking skills. They can be added into very simple soup recipes, and the smell alone is unmistakably alluring. Clams also are known as aphrodisiacs because they resemble female genitalia, which provokes dopamine to release in the brain causing feelings of pleasure.