Coffee Aphrodisiac – Does It Create Sexual Energy?

Coffee is the most consumed aphrodisiac in the world, with millions of cups ingested a day across the globe. Since having coffee is such a normal exercise for people, many do not realize that it has a substantial effect on sex drive and desire.

Why Is Coffee Linked To Sex And How Does It Work?

Not very often are individuals taking coffee into the bedroom, but countless studies have shown that having a cup beforehand is actually very advantageous to your levels of intimacy. This is because coffee is a stimulant, and fires off several receptors in the brain that cause happiness and increased cravings.

The caffeine in coffee enhances stamina and gives men and women a surge in energy, even though a crash is usually inevitable. Coffee makes people alert, and the aromas from fresh ground beans release endorphins which provide a general feeling of well being. More importantly, it functions as an aphrodisiac by encouraging the flow of dopamine, which is linked to the spots of pleasure in the brain. Dopamine is what makes people overcome with ecstasy during intercourse, so it is no surprise that feeling this neurotransmitter before even touching your partner is extremely addicting. Coffee also awakens your metabolism, which has an effect on blood flow. This flow is obviously crucial for men, who need it directed to their genitalia to perform well.

What Are Drawbacks To Using Coffee As An Aphrodisiac?

Coffee is delicious on its own, and makes our mind go crazy with thoughts and desires, but it is not a very mixable aphrodisiac. Alternative substances that induce intimacy usually go well together, like licorice and wine, or chocolate and strawberry aphrodisiac. This is not the case with coffee, which cannot pair favorably with other notable sex boosters like avocados, onions and salmon. Additionally, too much coffee can cause headaches and actually halt the drive it just spiked, since the more you drink, the larger the caffeine crash will be.

What Are The Benefits To Coffee?

There are almost too many reasons to name as to why coffee is a prudent choice to jump start any potential issues that have inhibited your need for intercourse. For starters, almost everyone enjoys coffee, and its aromas are some of the most potent smells imaginable. Odor is extremely important in stimulating humans, especially with women. Additionally, coffee works quickly in arousing someone, usually only taking a few minutes to get into the bloodstream.

What Kind Of Coffee Works The Best To Create Arousal?

It is a good rule of thumb to acquire coffee that is as fresh as possible, preferably still in bean form. Pre-ground coffee in a can is not nearly as effective as beans that have not yet gone through a grinder. Vacuum sealed coffee is the absolute best version to improve your lovemaking.


Coffee is the cheapest and easiest substance imaginable to obtain and use to improve your sexual prowess. That said, it is not ideal for every situation, and works better as a precursor to intercourse, as opposed to consuming it during foreplay.