Coriander Aphrodisiac – A Seed To Change Your Sex Life

coriander is interesting herb. Someone love it and someone hate it but it is a powerful aphrodisiac? The first thing most notice about coriander is its smell, which is a pungent odor that will clear your nasal track in seconds. The chances of you already having eaten it at sometime in your life is high, as it is a critical element to a vast number of cooking styles the world over. It is particularly prominent in Asia, but extends to Caribbean and Mexican delicacies as well. But how is it an aphrodisiac?

What Is Coriander?

Coriander is usually mentioned in accordance to cilantro and Chinese parsley, but more specifically it is a dried seed. Since the entire plant grows swiftly and every inch of it can be eaten, it is no surprise it began to be used in foods as a spice. Coriander started to have a connotation with intimacy after those consuming it noticed that it left them flustered and craving sex. With the renaissance of science, researchers discovered that the reason it is such an effective herb between the sheets is because of the components it introduces into the bloodstream. Vitamins A and C liven up the senses while riboflavin, a B vitamin (durian have great portion of B vitamin), makes people more primed to want to mate with their partner. Coriander’s capability to spice up a relationship (pun intended), was actually a happy accident, as initially it was presumed that its only primary value was to treat a disruptive digestive system.

What Is The History And Reach Of Coriander?

One of the most compelling reasons why coriander makes a case of being a significant aphrodisiac is the fact that it has been used for centuries all over the globe. While several herbs and spices typically have Chinese roots, coriander also has a history of sexual stimulation in Greece and Italy as well. It is here it developed a significant track record of being referred to as the ‘go to’ ingredient in love potions. These potions were created to not only entice intercourse, but combat impotence and induce a larger libido. Since they gained such record popularity, drinks with coriander began to circulate for weddings, hoping to heighten pleasure and increase the chances of procreation.

Is Coriander Safe To Consume?

Unless you are allergic to herbs and foreign elements added to your food to enhance flavor, coriander is a safe aphrodisiac to bring into your home. When digested, it allows the body to secrete gastric elements that settle upset stomachs. Interestingly, it stimulates someone’s appetite. Though unproven in a lab, some medical professionals think this is why interest in intercourse also spikes. Since coriander has the ability to leave someone wanting ‘more,’ it is assumed that it aids in the release of positive feelings in the brain related to sex.


Coriander is inexpensive and can be mixed as an ingredient in meals or stirred into drinks. Hippocras is a beverage frequently brought up in the same breath as the seed. This is because it is a wine that utilizes coriander in conjunction with other well known aphrodisiacs, such as cinnamon. Together they grow the libido exponentially and limit the negative effects of impotence.