Durian Aphrodisiac – King Of Fruits From B Vitamins

Though most are put off by its foul odor, durian is a fruit that actually provides many properties contained in aphrodisiacs. The thorns on the rough-skinned exterior of the food does not make it a sexually suggestive delicacy to consume, however it has developed a popular reputation in the Eastern Hemisphere. It is primarily known for helping to aid the digestive tract in proper functioning, but its benefits extend well beyond the fiber it provides the body. Known as the ‘King of Fruits,’ how does it help with intimacy?

Durian is filled with tryptophan, which is an amino acid that creates serotonin and melatonin. This directly affects moods and positive feelings. More importantly, they are ripe with nutrients. The seasonal fruit is packed with phosphorus, iron, vitamin C and thiamine. Thiamine in particular is integral to converting energy and when mixed with the other B-complex vitamins, is extremely powerful in stimulating sex drive.

Do Case Studies Back Up Its Claims?

Most aphrodisiacs gain a following based on word of mouth, however durian has actually been tested on rats and mice in a medical setting. The results generated proved that when consumed consistently over the period of a month, the animals developed a larger sperm count as well as big gains in libido.


Even though durian can only be consumed a few months of the year, it is a taste explosion that puts the human body in prime position for amazing intercourse.