Fig Aphrodisiac – An Erotic Fruit

The sensuality delivered by figs is unrivaled, and its association with the Garden of Eden has made it known as a forbidden fruit with sexual powers. Historians of ancient Greece believe that Cleopatra may have fancied figs as her favorite snack. In South Europe, wedding guests even throw figs instead of rice at the bride and groom to encourage fertility and love.

How Are Figs Aphrodisiacs?

To start, the appearance of a fig, particularly when it is open, is said to mimic that of female genitalia. Studies have shown the mere thought of this drives men wild, and as such, gave way to use in the bedroom. Additionally, figs are very aromatic, providing a scent that is particularly intoxicating to women.

The biggest components that make figs an aphrodisiac however really lies in their amino acids. The potassium, iron and fiber all contribute to make the human body keen for intercourse and ready to perform for an extended period of time.

What Is The Best Way To Consume Figs?

Eating the fruit raw is known as a sensual image by itself, but one of the most effective ways to ingest figs is in yogurt. This is because you can blend two other powerful aphrodisiacs together along with it, which are honey and pine nuts.


Figs offer an amazing smell and even more robust flavor to contribute to spiking your drive for intercourse.