Fugu Blowfish Aphrodisiac – An Alluring Danger

Small Blowfish on people handFugu Blowfish is one of the best aphrodisiacs for those looking to add a little intensity to the bedroom. It can create a sense of danger while also producing a numbing effect that is similar to Novocain. The blowfish might be deadly but there is a big market for it thanks to its popularity as an aphrodisiac. However, this isn’t going to be a good choice for everyone. If you’re afraid of taking a risk, you’ll want to stick with someone a little tamer.

History of Fugu Blowfish

Eating Fugu Blowfish has gone through a transformation over the years. Once people recognized its danger, they rallied against it. Today, it is a popular aphrodisiac. The Japanese pufferfish is dangerous. So, eating it a bit like playing Russian roulette. It contains a powerful poison that is considered a hundred times more dangerous than cyanide and strychnine. There are more than 120 species of pufferfish and their poison levels vary significantly. Since people desire a little danger in the bedroom, Fugu Blowfish has become a staple for many.

What Aphrodisiac Effects Does Fugu Blowfish Produce?

The sheer thought of consuming Fugu Blowfish is going to get your heart racing. You understand that it is dangerous but you’re going to do it anyway. The sense of danger associated with its consumption is the man reason people have introduced it to the bedroom. Simultaneously, Fugu creates a numbing effect on the inside of your cheeks. That tingling sensation may be caused by the traces of poison found in the “safe” portions of the fish. This is why Fugu Blowfish is so alluring. However, some believe that eating Fugu testicles after they’ve soaked in sake is the best way to use it as an aphrodisiac.

Another thing that makes it so popular is the price. It needs to be prepared by a skilled chef or you’re going to experience problems. This makes it very expensive. This combination takes the experience to a new level. Modern scientists have been working on breeding a new blowfish that will be free of toxins. Until then, you’ll have to crave danger to use Fugu Blowfish as an aphrodisiac.

What Is The Best Way To Consume Fugu Blowfish?

If you’re going to consume Fugu Blowfish, you need to make sure it has been prepared by a skilled chef. Otherwise, the risks are going to be extremely high. Never try to prepare and cook it at home.