Garlic Aphrodisiac – Does Its Smell Play A Part?

Easily attainable and universally accepted as a delicious addition to many foods, garlic is a tasty herb that is a prominent contributor to aphrodisiacs. The allicin in crushed garlic has been linked to battling erectile dysfunction, and its antioxidant compounds aid in regulating blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol. But how does it come into play for intimacy?

How Is Garlic An Aphrodisiac?

Garlic was used in ancient Greece to improve physical prowess and performance in athletics, and it wasn’t until later that it was understood why. It is an ingredient that eliminates lethargy and provides numerous beneficial body changes. More than anything however, garlic is an aphrodisiac in how it increases blood flow so effortlessly. While it is efficient in keeping blood moving in women, it is especially recommended for men, as the libido can be positively enhanced. It is also an ingredient that can be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly.

What Is Garlic’s Relationship To Testosterone?

Testosterone is obviously integral to maintaining sex drive, but its levels vary and usually directly relates to someone losing desire for intimacy if it is lacking. Garlic has been tested on rats for decades, and studies showed that its incorporation lowered cortisol levels and spiked levels of testosterone. (source) Licensed medical professionals suggest that routinely ingesting garlic works wonders in balancing hormones.

Is Garlic’s Smell An Aphrodisiac?

Most people find garlic’s scent off-putting, but the irony is that it is still craved because its smell shares a chemical compound identical to one found in female secretions during intercourse. Even though the aroma is unmistakably foul, dopamine is still released in the brain with its presence because of the mind’s association with it and sex. Still, some cannot stand it, and as such, can mix it with other food ingredients to limit its odor.

What Is The Best Way To Consume Garlic?

Because garlic is in the same genus family of onions, it is no surprise they both have potent aphrodisiac-like effects. Also like onions, it is a plant that can be altered and prepared in various dishes to get maximum potential out of its strong properties. Garlic is used frequently in Italian food, and goes terrific with red wine aphrodisiac in particular. Beyond just this subset of delicacies, it is powerful in soups because of its aroma and ability to be mixed with other sex-inducing herbs.

Why Does Garlic Occasionally Come In Pill Form?

Ingesting garlic in vitamin form is beneficial for numerous ways, starting with the fact that it eliminates the odor entirely if it is too strong for your nostrils. Additionally, it is a far easier way to get it into your diet consistently without having to put in all the effort of preparing spices and meals.

Is Garlic Safe?

A select group of people are allergic to garlic, but the majority of individuals who consume it never have any side effects. Garlic is actually used in a lot of common meals, even though it is not the primary ingredient. The only difference between this aphrodisiac as opposed to others is that it is one where the more raw it is, the harder it will be on your stomach. Usually if you are taking an herb as an aphrodisiac it is recommended having it in its purest form to achieve more stimulation, but this is simply not the case with garlic.


Garlic is cheap, effective and fun to involve with intimacy. It can be blended into several dishes and works well with additional sex supplements.