Ginkgo Biloba – Aphrodisiac Tree Extract That Spikes Sexuality

Ginkgo biloba (Maidenhair tree or ginkgo, gingko) has one of the longest known track records of aiding in the success of traditional medicinal methods, but in the last decade it has risen in popularity astronomically as an aphrodisiac. The reason why this herbal supplement has gained notoriety in the bedroom more quickly than others is because research has suggested it is more effective in increasing the sexual desires among women. Typically, aphrodisiacs target men primarily to boost libido, so it is rare when a substance is able to manipulate feelings of wellness more consistently in females.

What Is Ginkgo Biloba Exactly?

Ginkgo biloba is usually found in pill form and easily acquired at most local supermarkets. The history of these tablets is that their roots are derived from trees, literally, of the same name. Initially, the seeds from the bark and leaves were placed in foods to spark new flavors as well as utilize their healing properties. There is plenty of debate in the scientific community as to how well they work on cognitive function and diseases like Alzheimer’s, however most agree Ginkgo is ripe with benefits to the body.

What Ways Does Ginkgo Biloba Act As An Aphrodisiac?

The first way that Ginkgo is advantageous in the bedroom is that it promotes cravings in moderation. This is to say that those who are experiencing depression, or more specifically, negative thoughts toward intercourse, will change their tune. In short, Ginkgo biloba makes men and women more hungry for sex because it sends signals to the brain that you are open to feeling pleasure. This may not seem like a big deal to everyone, but select individuals require the supplement to alter their headspace in a positive manner.

Ginkgo biloba is also an aphrodisiac as it pertains to blood flow. The rush of blood to a man’s libido is obviously enormously important to growing and maintaining an erection, and Ginkgo accomplishes this by relaxing blood vessels. When these vessels are calm, more blood can circulate throughout the body. This is vital to not only shuttling blood around, but doing so more swiftly so the desire for sex comes quickly.

Though not confirmed through lab experiments, several doctors agree that Ginkgo biloba is a strong sexual stimulant for women because it brings out urges that were previously dormant.

Is Ginkgo Biloba Safe?

Moderation, like with every aphrodisiac, is key, especially for Ginkgo biloba. This is not to suggest it is a dangerous extract, but since it works as a blood thinner as well, it is recommended you are not on medication when taking it. Consuming Ginkgo biloba in excess is rarely fatal, but can result in discomfort and nausea.

What Is The Best Way To Utilize Ginkgo Biloba As An Aphrodisiac?

While you definitely do not want to mix Ginkgo biloba with other supplement based aphrodisiacs, pairing it with foods that heighten the desire for sex is healthy and encouraged. This includes things like chocolate, cucumber, and cinnamon, among others. Generally Ginkgo biloba is taken on a daily basis to promote its aphrodisiac-like qualities, unless you are advised against it from your physician.


Ginkgo biloba is a tremendous find to bring aphrodisiacs into your life, particularly for women that have abstained from intercourse for long periods of time. In addition to freeing your mind, it actively helps boost feelings of intimacy.