Ginseng Aphrodisiac – Popular Chinese Sexual Root

A lot of ginseng roots stacked on top of each otherAre you looking for ways to zing up your sex life? Then try adding aphrodisiac food in your diet such as Ginseng. The data is quite preliminary, but according to researchers, ginseng is an herb that has been said to aid in erectile dysfunction. A specific kind of ginseng known as Korean red ginseng has also been reported to improve sexual arousal in women with menopause.

What is Ginseng?

Ginseng is known to be the root of perennial herbs of Panax quinquefolium and Panax ginseng. As an active ingredient it consists of a series of tetracyclic triterpenoid saponins. It is taken as tonic or adaptogenic thus enhancing the physical performance, improves resistance to ageing, and stress and promotes vitality.

How to take Ginseng?

In most of the contemporary societies, Ginseng is taken in the form of extract such as capsules, and as per research everyday dose of ginseng should be only 200 mg. However numerous believers of traditional medicine believe that taking chewing the ginseng root is more useful as it is said that the saliva is known to activate most of its aphrodisiac qualities.

The Chinese also consume ginseng in the form of tea as they boil one teaspoon of the root filament in water for ten minutes. Later it is trained and sipped to enhance its benefits. It is recommended by traditional herbalists that ginseng should only be consumed for a maximum of three weeks with a rest period of one or two weeks.


So among the many ingredients, that are known to evoke sexual desire, ginseng is today known as the most popular one. So people facing a lack of sexual desire or feeling too tired or consistently not in a mood without any reason now can go for ginseng to enhance your sex life which plays as an intricate part of living a balanced life. Thus, if you feel that you are lacking somewhere in your sex life then go for ginseng and enhance you sex life.