Is Caviar an Aphrodisiac?

a small bottle of real caviarOf all the supposed aphrodisiac foods, caviar stands out as the most extravagant. These black, pearl-like eggs, though expensive, are believed to enhance one’s sex drive. What are the nutrients in caviar that could make it an aphrodisiac?

Nutrients contents in caviar

Caviar is categorized as an egg. So, it contains all nutrients of an egg – Vitamins A, B5, B6, D, E among others, which maintain healthy hormone levels. Vitamin A promotes sperm production. The perfect balance in testosterone levels can increase the sex-drive. Along with balancing the hormone level, Vitamin D nourishes nerve cells. Vitamin E promotes blood flow to the sexual organs. This can heighten romantic feelings.

Caviar also contains lean proteins which supply plenty of energy to the body. As caviar comes from the ocean, it is packed with L-Arginine amino acid. These nutrients increase blood circulation throughout the body. With increased blood circulation and lots of energy, enhanced libido follows.

Other nutrients in caviar include iron, magnesium and selenium. The right amount of magnesium helps the body sleep well and enhances the sex drive. Similarly, Selenium also contributes to considerable improvement in libido. The Selenium in caviar boosts immunity and supports overall cell growth.

In many cases, a lack of sexual desire or inability to perform arises due to vitamin deficiencies or anaemia. Caviar, which contains all the necessary ingredients boosts energy levels. That is why it is seen as an aphrodisiac.

Apart from directly helping the sexual organs and hormone levels, the vitamins and minerals in caviar also aid in maintaining the general fitness of the body. It keeps both the mind and body fit. Caviar can relax the stress in your muscles.

The right amount

So caviar can directly or indirectly boost performance. It has all the necessary nutrients to keep the body fit, fine and pumping with energy. You are now aware of caviar’s benefits for reproductive health. But what is the right amount to consume?

Consuming caviar alone and expecting it to work may not be a wise idea. Your sex life depends not on a single food item but a healthy lifestyle. So, include caviar in moderation in your diet. It is usually seen as a rare treat as it is expensive.


Scientific research in recent times has helped us discover what are the libido-lifting nutrients caviar contains. However, people have associated it with aphrodisiac foods since ancient times. The idea stems due to the ancient notion of associating eggs with fertility.

In conclusion, studies involving aphrodisiac foods have a considerable placebo effect. It is difficult to put a number on how excited/unexcited humans feel. Thus, following a healthy lifestyle devoid of habits that would cause irreversible damage to the body, is the only secret to a good libido. In no case, one should take supplements for the same without consulting a professional. If you want to experience good results, minimize processed foods, eat foods rich in nutrients, have a balanced diet and exercise regularly. You will thank yourself for all the efforts!