Is Cherry Aphrodisiac Real?

They are cute right?Cherries are consumed in massive amounts yearly the world over, and have long been linked to sexual activity. Numerous theories exist as to why they are so potent, but is there any truth to the fact that they serve as an aphrodisiac?

How Do Aphrodisiacs Work?

There are many schools of thought on what exactly aphrodisiacs do, but health specialists are generally in agreement that they heighten the sense of sexuality in men and women. This is true in nature, as well as our bedrooms. Just as you feel alert rising from a night of sleep, aphrodisiacs aid in ‘awakening’ a person’s appetite for love. This can come in many forms, with several professionals stating that fruit works wonders in stimulating human beings. Aphrodisiacs spike the want and need for attaining pleasure, usually by having an effect on testosterone in particular.

How Are Cherries An Aphrodisiac?

At its core, the potassium in cherries can help produce hormones that are sexual in nature. They are a fruit that is loaded with antioxidants, which are not linked to love-making, but still deliver nutrients that promote positive behavior in mood. Some argue that they also encourage more endurance, which is obviously integral to the process of intercourse. The main reason, however, is that cherries are thought to induce pheromone production. Pheromones trigger responses from another party, routinely resulting in more interest and a willingness to mate. In simpler terms, they ignite attraction.

Why Are Cherries Frequently Associated With Chocolate Sexually?

Because cherries display pheromone-like properties, it is a fruit commonly paired with chocolate because the latter is famous for being an aphrodisiac as well. Chocolate is enriched with phenylethylamine, which is a stimulant that is associated with the ‘high’ of being enamored with someone. Additionally, chocolate is full of tryptophan, that is one of the components in sexual arousal. Together with the pheromone power of cherries, it is simple to see why these two forces are joined to maximize euphoria.

Why Are Using Cherries As An Aphrodisiac Growing In Popularity?

Besides the fact that they are an inexpensive item people can obtain, cherries are becoming more popular in this regard because they combine so well with other sexual components. In addition to chocolate, cherries have been grouped with strawberry aphrodisiacs, wine, and even ginger. Diminished sex drive is referenced by a plethora of couples for lack of communication and intercourse, and cherries are a cog in the system to boost awareness and a healthy vigor to share love-making. Alone they may have minimal impact, but when stacked with other effective additions, they can bring intimacy to new levels.

Even skeptics of the allure of aphrodisiacs can find common ground and lament that foods like cherries at worst raise the level of sexual awareness. Instinct and desire are two things that cannot be measured, however using cherries to promote sexuality can be worthwhile. If there is, in fact, a placebo effect with cherries and even other aphrodisiacs, it stands to reason that a willing, fertile mindset would benefit most relationships regardless.

TIP: Another great aphrodisiac food is papaya which have perfect nutritions to boost your libido.