Is Papaya an Aphrodisiac?

Papaya has a well-documented history of being successfully used for medicinal purposes, treating everything from digestive irregularities, rashes, and cuts. Its anti-inflammatory properties are beneficial to regulating your stomach and ensuring that you won’t get sick. Additionally, papaya is a very potent aphrodisiac, and is advantageous if partners are seeking to spice up their sex lives.

Where Does It Come From?

Papaya is cultivated in a plethora of tropical regions, but its origins are in Mexico and Central America. Because the fruit cannot grow properly in cold temperatures, it is limited to areas that are hot most of the year.

How Is Papaya An Aphrodisiac?

The aphrodisiac-like qualities of papaya are predominantly found in its compounds. It is ripe with nutrients, and is an abundant source of vitamins K, A, and C. Vitamin C is especially important, as this substance alone enhances drive for intercourse. The most predominant ingredient however, is magnesium, which is already an aphrodisiac on its own.

Why Is Papaya So Effective In Females?

Even though men can achieve new sexual heights with papaya, it is really women that are best served to include it in their diet. The compounds in the fruit induce estrogen, a female hormone that is essential to intimacy. Papaya also helps streamline menstruation and boosting the libido. Compounding these positive attributes is the fact that is also aids in the anti-aging process.

Why Do The Taste, Appearance And Touch Of Papaya Matter?

Those who eat papaya commonly reference how its seeds have a distinct spicy taste. This is a rare flavor for fruits, and is known to make those consume it generate interest in mating. Even though this has not been proven by clinical testing, men polled overwhelmingly agreed that eating it sparked arousal. Furthermore, the appearance of papaya resembles female genitalia. Combining both taste and appearance has made it a powerful source for stimulation.

Papaya is also a fruit that is very soft on the fingers, and is universally accepted as a sensual fruit. This is because it has sensory appeal, and releases dopamine in the brain from its inviting texture.

Is Papaya Safe?

Some people can be allergic to papaya, but generally it is a safe food to eat regularly. If the person consuming it waits until it is ripe, this decreases the likelihood of them getting sick as well.

What Is The Best Way To Have It?

One of the great things about indulging in papaya is how many different forms it can be used in. It is terrific to digest quickly and get the nutrients flowing in your bloodstream through a smoothie or iced tea. Moreover, it is the perfect addition to any fruit salad, as its peppery flavor balances the sweet aftertaste.


Papaya is an effective and fun aphrodisiac because it is versatile in how it can be prepared, and serves to enhance the senses in more ways than one. Its appearance is bright and appetizing, and its vitamins are outstanding in fueling sexual energy.