Is Pineapple An Aphrodisiac?

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Certain types of fruit have frequently been linked to sexual arousal, and urban legends exist about the properties of pineapple in particular. So is pineapple an aphrodisiac?

The simple answer to this question is yes, and there are numerous ways it contributes to the vibrance of those who consume it.

For starters, pineapple is a robust source of Vitamin C. While obviously taking this vitamin alone will not arouse you, it is directly responsible for releasing endorphins that make people happy. This allows people to be more susceptible to sexual activity. Aphrodisiacs work their magic by encouraging positive behavior both mentally and physically. In addition to pineapple releasing happy hormones, the fact that it is healthy improves sexual prowess.

Manganese Is The Most Important Ingredient

The ingredient of manganese is what makes pineapple a worthwhile asset to sexual health. When men lack manganese in their bodies, their sex drive goes down, and the likelihood of them becoming impotent increases dramatically. Those deficient in manganese also notice a decrease in semen productivity. When manganese is ingested, especially when it is delivered with citrus and Vitamin C, it stimulates a sexual awakening in a person, even if it is a feeling that has long been dormant. Similar to watering a plant to make it grow, manganese, in conjunction with other healthy vitamins, allows an individual’s desire for sex to flourish.

Thiamine is also proficient in pineapple, which is crucial in boosting energy and desire to engage in intimacy. Together with Vitamin C and manganese, it is easy to see how it is beneficial to have in your diet. Pineapple as an aphrodisiac works most effectively on people that routinely exercise and have it as part of their diet often. The more your body is fulfilled by manganese and thiamine, the more charged a person is for intercourse.

Additionally, pineapple is a solid source for arousal because fruit is often associated with sensuality. Its flavor is powerful, sweet, and robust, and few other foods match its unique flavor. Though not confirmed by science, some women believe that a man ingesting pineapple improves his performance between the sheets. There are several schools of thought as to why, but the spike in energy and interest in pleasure are logical explanations.

Pineapple is a worthwhile method of arousal to bring into the bedroom, but like all aphrodisiacs, the positive effects depend on the diet, personality, and workout regiment of the person who eats it. To get the largest impact from pineapple, it should be a regular food you consume, and ideally is something you want to share with your partner as well. Though an odd combination, occasionally bringing together pineapple with oysters, which is known as an aphrodisiac to women, can deliver monumental results.