Is Shark The Most Controversial Aphrodisiac?

Mako shark in the ocean - close photo
Mako is the most consumed type of shark.

Shark meat is without a doubt one of the most controversial aphrodisiacs out there. And, it is not for reasons that you are probably thinking. It is because there is such a high, unending demand throughout Asia and China for the fins of healthy sharks. That being said, the appetite for shark fins would bot be so bad if the desire for the meat matched the obsession with the fins. Unfortunately, this is not the case at all because, since the early twenty-first century, there is little interest in the Asian marketplace for shark beyond the fin. This doesn’t mean that shark meat isn’t a popular or effective aphrodisiac because that would not be the case at all.

A Rundown On Shark Meat

Shark meat is considered a seafood, as it consists of the flesh of the shark. Consumption of this substance by humans can be dated back to somewhere in the fourth century AD. This is where it was mentioned in several literary works. Shark meat is especially popular in areas like Asia and China where it is often consumed in a dried, smoked, or salted form. That being said, this is a meat that is also commonly consumed in parts of Scandinavia, Japan, Indian, Canada, Mexico, Africa, and Sri Lanka. In Western cultures, shark meat is considered somewhat of a taboo, although the popularity is quickly growing.

Unprocessed shark meat will give off a strong odor of ammonia, due to the high urea content. This is something that develops as the fish decomposes. The urea content and ammonia odor are usually reduced when the chef marinates the meat in liquid. Popular marinating liquids are lemon juice, milk, or saltwater. From this point, the meat will then be sliced into steaks and fillets. (another recipe)

How Does Shark Meat Activate The Libido?

While some might look at eating shark meat as a taboo, there is no denying that it has a real potential for enhanced libido. And, it is thanks to the energy-sustaining protein properties of the meat. Just 3.5 ounces of Mako, a common type of shark caught and eaten, offers 21 grams of energy-sustaining protein. Not only this, but it is also widely known that the meat is an excellent provider of magnesium as well as selenium. Both of these are very important nutrients for sperm production as well.

Another thing that should be noted is that shark meat can contain a high level of mercury. This means that you’ll want to limit your intake when you are consuming such meats and know exactly where the meat is coming from.