What is Spanish Fly? Drug or Aphrodisiac?

spanish fly beetleWhen one thinks of arousal and mind-blowing intercourse, few associate that with a small beetle, but that is precisely what a spanish fly is. Though seemingly unusual, spanish flies or we can generally call them meloid beetles, or blister beetles are actually one of the most proven aphrodisiacs in the history of love elixirs. But where did it come from and how did it get paired with intimacy?

With a distinctive emerald green color, the spanish fly has roots back to Europe, and are even found in parts of Asia. The aphrodisiac comes into play through cantharidin, which is a chemical male beetles produce as a defense mechanism. More importantly however, cantharidin is passed from males to females as a sort of gift of fertility in nature. In turn, the chemical causes females to be more likely to mate, hence its link to sexual desire. Cantharidin is passed on through secretion.

A Likely Effect Of Original Spanish Fly

As it applies to humans, cantharidin contains no odor. It has been known to increase libido in men, and cause women to be more likely to select a mate that uses the chemical. It is found in several sexual supplements, and can work effectively if produced safely. To be clear, spanish fly secretion on its own is toxic to consume, but this is in extreme cases and relatively unheard of. As an aphrodisiac supplement mixed with vitamins and additional natural ingredients, it increases sexual appetite exponentially. Though coveted by females, it is a love drug that is better suited for males. Not only are changes in libido noticeable, the drive for intercourse strengthens. That said, it is stated that cantharidin makes women feel as if they are in ‘heat’ wanting to give in to temptation more frequently.

Lytta vesicatoria
Lytta vesicatoria

This aphrodisiac is one of the most diverse as well because it can be added to a myriad of potions and still be efficient in its purpose. It has been packaged as numerous types of erectile dysfunction products as well.

In What Form Is Spanish Fly Drug Taken? Pills, Drops or Powder?

The substance can be ingested in small doses, and almost always comes in liquid form. Typically only a few drops at a time are more than enough to suffice a male for an extended period of time. Some of its effects are similar to those provided by Viagra, and similar drugs of this ilk. Upon drinking it, effects usually occur within the hour of its consumption. Even though it is relatively safe, spanish fly secretion by itself can irritate and blister the skin dramatically. If any gets on your body it should be washed off immediately to spare you of discomfort. As far as sexual drinks, they are typically diluted so it is less potent to the human body.


The aphrodisiac properties from spanish flies are some of the oldest recorded intimacy inducers in the world. They have a vibrant history of success, both in nature and with people. Spanish fly is affordable, but not as cheap as items like strawberries or vitamin E.


UPDATE: Modern Forms Of Spanish Fly

The truth of the matter is that it is almost impossible to get REAL Spanish fly through the internet, even if you try to buy it legally online. Few places carry it and even fewer have tried it to know what kind of effect it has, if any. That said, I was still wanting to do more research on the topic.

Having a degree in chemistry from my alma mater, I have great interest in aphrodisiacs and how they stimulate desires and performance during sex. Upon a determined search I found two products that incorporated Spanish fly into their names. The first one I researched made the bold claim that it boosts libido in women up to 300%. The second boasted generating positive moods and more erotic intercourse. I decided to place an order and try them myself to see if they were worth the hype.

P.S. I should note that both of these products made it into our TOP 5 aphrodisiacs for women of all time. We reached this conclusion having traveled the world and personally tested various concoctions and solutions associated with improving sexual prowess, and these two compared favorably.

P.P.S. These reviews will not get into the shipping and safety of the products other than to say that both arrived on time and each included the required certificates proving they are a limited health risk. More pertinent to me is sharing whether or not each was a powerful and worthwhile aphrodisiac or not.

Spanish Fly PRO

The package of Spanish Fly Pro product in the nature
Photo by Michael Stransky

The Spanish fly is a green beetle in nature, however this product does not literally use the insect, nor does it utilize it in powder or liquid form. Instead it is an herbal solution that incorporates potent ingredients that induce sexual thoughts and arousal. The list of components in Spanish Fly PRO are impressive, as they are hard to obtain if you want them at their highest quality.

Obviously excited when the product arrived, I was eager to try it with my wife to see if it spiced up our bedroom routine. I used the recommended 5 drops by placing them in wine (not required) before our date night watching TV. We are one of the lucky couples that enjoy a passionate and crazy sex life, perhaps from the added bonus of acquiring and testing aphrodisiacs from all over the world. While everyone will draw their own conclusions based on their personal use, my wife commented that the intercourse was mind-blowing and intense. She described the experience as beautiful, all the while not knowing. I had successfully introduced Spanish Fly PRO into our marriage.

After engaging in such incredible lovemaking, my curiosity got the best of me and I checked the internet to see the feedback from other people who had used the product. To my excitement (and relief), I discovered I was not the only one to notice positive effects on sexual activity when taking it.


Love Drops AKA Spanish Fly LOVE

Photo of Spanish Fly LOVE taken in the nature
Photo by Michael Stransky

Spanish Fly LOVE was the second of the two solutions I was determined to get my hands on. It is a sleek product with a more modern angle in its promotion. Naturally what I was most intrigued by were its claims of increasing pleasure during intimacy. This time I wanted a firsthand second opinion, so in addition to trying it myself, I gave my travel friend Jonathan some “LOVE” to see what he thought after indulging in it with his girlfriend.

Spanish Fly LOVE had an unexpectedly pleasant taste, so much so I did not even have to mix it in liquid, instead consuming it by placing a few drops on my tongue. With claims of a boost of energy and a renewed craving for sex, I could not wait for it to take effect. In my humble opinion, a 100% spike in strength and stamina was apparent in minutes. The roots and herb extracts livened up my senses and sparked an unparalleled desire for sex.

After using the product I touched base with Jonathan without letting him know my thoughts so he would not be swayed one way or the other. His response was that he enjoyed a similar experience:

“Hey Mark, Julia and I tried the product yesterday and we both commented that it definitely improved our moods and made us lust after one another. I’m not sure if us testing it at home is enough solid information for our article about the Spanish fly, but we can’t wait to use it again and give you any additional information about its success rate. At first glance, it appears it works, I can’t believe it.”


Both the PRO and LOVE worked far better than I would have assumed, since so many sexual supplements are misleading. Perhaps I should have been more optimistic, as the list of ingredients for each product are powerful, particularly if they are high in quality. Some of the components in the products have been used in aphrodisiacs for generations. We look forward to continuing to update you on Spanish Fly products and how they continue to enhance our sex drives.

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