Kava Kava Aphrodisiac – Improve Hormonal Health

Kava, or ‘kava kava,’ is a crop indigenous to the Pacific Islands. The small shrub has been known for years to produce tranquil behavior in those who taste it. But how does it affect mood and perception towards sex?

How Is Kava Kava Prepared?

Even though their tastes are different, kava kava is made similarly to licorice aphrodisiac by using its root to create a drink. In tea form, it is traditionally supposed to be served in a coconut shell, and swallowed quickly in a sip or two. While it can be made from kava powder (did you heard about seahorse powder?), the root is more potent.

What Effect Does Kava Kava Have?

Kava is a substance that promotes an extreme state of relaxation and calmness. For this reason, it is no shock it has been used to treat anxiety. It is so synonymous with stress-relief that it is often labeled that way on packages of tea.

As far as its aphrodisiac attributes, kava kava boosts hormonal health, ensuring they are operating properly and coaxing the feeling of desire and pleasure. Because it creates a serene atmosphere, dopamine is present in the brain, allowing the person who ingested it to be content and predisposed to intercourse.

How Does It Feel After Consuming Kava Kava?

Those who have had the brew numerous times describe it as putting you in a trance-like state, with heightened feeling of your senses, and a general awareness of sensuality. It delivers a bit of a ‘buzz’ to your body, making you feel warm and having an increased number of sexual thoughts. Though obviously an inexact science, groups of people praise its capability to radically change a bad mood into one that is open and willing to try things. Additionally, individuals that drink kava kava tea regularly say it takes only about 30 minutes to begin to feel the effects.

Is Kava Kava Safe?

Kava kava is perfectly safe, if consumed in moderation. It is not a drink or substance that lends itself to continuous taste tests back to back. Each cup (or coconut shell) should be spaced out about 15 minutes apart. The reason for this is because large quantities can disrupt your cholesterol metabolism, as well as make you deficient in niacin. Moreover, because kava kava is a glorified form of light anesthesia, it will cause drowsiness if you do not take breaks from it.

Where Can You Obtain Kava Kava?

Fiji, and other regions in the South Pacific are terrific resources for kava kava in its purest form. That said, since most of us don’t have the luxury to travel there, purchasing it online from trusted vendors is more than acceptable. Since it is a tea that is fairly universal in its appeal, with a little searching it is simple to find in reasonable doses.


Kava kava has the opposite effect of a lot of aphrodisiacs in regards to how it influences the body. Most alternatives increase blood flow to the libido, whereas kava root promotes serenity and focus. It is a solid choice for people that prefer to take aphrodisiacs in liquid.