Lavender Aphrodisiac – Intoxicating Love Scent

Lavender is one of the most diverse aphrodisiacs of its kind because it is predominantly effective due to its aroma. Most aphrodisiacs rely on flavor to induce sexual feelings and thoughts. But how did using lavender come about and how does it work?

What Is The History Of Lavender?

Lavender is referred to as the herb of love because it has a history of being associated with fidelity as well as chastity. Its flowers have been ground and put in many drinks, particularly tea. Over time it become more well known because of its scent. Lavender has displayed aphrodisiac like effects for centuries because it is commonly found in essential oils that are rubbed directly on the body. It is sexually suggestive and has a distinct positive impact for those who come into contact with it. It is even used in perfumes and fragrances to enhance its appeal.

How Is Lavender Commonly Used?

Lavender is frequently used for aromatherapy and has a long track record of being efficient at promoting wellness and treating anxiety. It is also a smell that makes people immediately associate it with the bedroom, since it is often used to scent linens and sheets.

The science behind lavender as an aphrodisiac relies on its releasing of dopamine in the brain. Some aphrodisiacs like cinnamon stimulate blood flow and gets the heart pumping. Lavender maintains more of a calming influence, and can invigorate passion and romance.

What Is The Best Way To Use Lavender?

Both men and women find the smell of lavender soothing, but studies have shown that females especially take to its charm. Using lavender to promote intercourse can be done in a plethora of ways. Candles laced with its scent work wonders on the brain and create a relaxed environment. Air fresheners also typically have lavender in them because the odor is so recognizable and ‘clean.’ Washing your sheets and blankets with detergents that have lavender as an ingredient causes a bedroom to be primed for intimacy.

Is it Safe?

One of the safest aphrodisiacs available, lavender is not only simple to find, it has few side effects. A small group of people can experience allergies due to its exposure, but this is only in cases where sinuses are particularly sensitive. Even still, having lavender around in controlled doses makes most individuals receptive to it.

What Aphrodisiacs Does Lavender Combine With Effectively?

Since lavender is most beneficial in a bedroom setting, aphrodisiacs like chocolate, strawberries and wine that are used during foreplay enhance the mood the most. This is because lavender brings together its inducing of endorphins through smell with sexually charged aphrodisiacs that are experienced through taste. Together they offer an explosion of sensuality and heightened cravings for intercourse.


Lavender is an overlooked aphrodisiac because it is not consumed with regularity, but is actually one of the most pungent and fast-acting components to generating sexual thoughts. Aroma based aphrodisiacs are thought to be the quickest at causing the body to react since they immediately trigger the brain upon hitting a person’s nostrils.