Licorice Aphrodisiac – What Does It Do To The Body?

Licorice is one of the most interesting aphrodisiacs available because it is so different than common foods related to intimacy. It is also one of the few that has a smell component that positively affects men and women. Odor for aphrodisiacs is far more common in nature than with humans, so the fact that it has an impact on the nostrils is an added bonus.

Why Is Licorice An Aphrodisiac?

Licorice is an aphrodisiac in a multitude of ways, and affects men and women with its alluring powers. To begin with, it can limit serum testosterone. This is important because it allows more free testosterone, which causes men to feel horny and open to sex. Lack of control of testosterone is actually what causes men to feel as though they have no way to stop their urges, so to put the body into chaos explains why case studies prove that it directs males to intercourse.

Men and women covet the scent of licorice greatly, particularly the latter. Not only is it a pleasant odor, it is one that creates feelings of arousal and mating. Just the smell of licorice will increase blood flow in a man, having it rush to his libido in seconds. Odors and sex have been together since the beginning of time, which is why candles and incense frequently use smells that mimic aphrodisiacs, like ginger.

Those who eat licorice regularly report that they feel increased levels of lust and sexual vigor. Moreover, its consumption spikes interest and willingness to combine it with other aphrodisiacs. It secretes endorphins in the brain that makes people feel at ease and calm while displaying happiness.

Licorice is so popular that recipes are included in the Kamasutra, the most well known sexual guide on Earth. Black licorice in particular has been traced back for thousands of years, from Egypt to China. It has a mustier scent than red licorice, and is something women crave.

Licorice can be applied to sexual situations in a variety of ways. The most obvious of course is to eat it straight out of the bag, but it is especially potent if it is with red wine. Additionally, licorice candles can transform any atmosphere into a love den.

Is It Safe?

There are no side effects to routinely having licorice, besides perhaps an upset stomach. Licorice is sweet and has an unmistakable flavor, but not a harmful one. Studies have shown licorice is more efficient if it is an ingredient in liquid, as opposed to just having it straight.


Easy to get your hands on, and found in different forms, licorice is a quick fix way to spice up your sex life. It is a comforting smell, and increases the likelihood of intimacy, especially when consumed in conjunction with other aphrodisiacs, like vitamin E or wine. Additionally, it is one of the oldest aphrodisiacs that there is documentation of, with roots in numerous countries across the globe.