Nettle Aphrodisiac – A Nutrient Filled Explosion

two detailed pieces of nettle herb on white backgroundAt first glance the phrase Urtica dioica may seem unfamiliar, but it is actually the technical name to what is now more commonly referred to as common nettle. Nettle is a flowering shrub-like plant that has a history in Asia and Europe, but is now frequently recognized even in places like New Zealand and North Africa. Its popularity derives from the fact that it has many interesting characteristics, including stiff hairs on the stems that release chemicals when touched.

How Is Nettle An Aphrodisiac?

Nettle itself harbors a look and colors often associated with intercourse, with flowers that are heart-shaped and have a pinkish hue to them. More specifically, its root is absolutely loaded with vitamins like A, K and C. Additionally, the B vitamins that inhabit the leaves and stem are essential to boosting testosterone and making sure the body is functioning at an optimal level to achieve added stamina. Stamina, of course, is the backbone to sex, and how long pleasure can be achieved for an extended period of time. Minerals like calcium and magnesium also play a vital role in tuning the body for peak performance. The nutrients are potent to the point that they behave as antioxidants, flushing free radicals and allowing for normal and healthy blood flow.

Why Is Nettle So Coveted?

Several aphrodisiacs can only be used in one form, making them limited as to how effectively they can help a couple during sex. Nettle is of a different ilk in the sense that it is available in several different capacities. Tea created through the use of crushing the plant to a powder is most recognizable, but the substance can also be efficient in creams as well. Moreover, nettle is a tincture, meaning it is an herbal extract that is concentrated and can be kept in a vial to consume later.

What Are Other Ways Nettle Proves To Be Beneficial?

Nettle began to be paired with intercourse when its effects were documented as they pertained to easing arthritis pain and general body aching. It is said that the properties of its roots can relax muscles, to again, aid in prolonged stamina. Perhaps even more impressively, it has a track record of warding off cell damage and even slowing down the aging process.

What Is The Best Way To Consume Nettle As An Aphrodisiac?

By simply bringing boiling water into contact with its leaves, nettle renders a powerful potion elixir. Its tea is so simple to make that having it steep for less than 10 minutes is all it takes for its nutrients to be exposed. To ensure that it becomes the most potent aphrodisiac possible, it is highly recommended to add cinnamon. This obviously adds a spike in flavor, but the spice also brings new sexual components into the fold.

Is Nettle Safe?

Because the barbs on the stems of nettle can inject chemicals like formic acid and acetylcholine, some are scared off by this prospect. The reality however is these are fairly normal substances, and can be avoided all together if the shrub is handled with care, especially with gloves. Cooked nettle has very few side effects, and even the dried variety is nothing to be feared. The only time it should be avoided is if you are on any type of medication or blood thinner so as to guarantee they do not interact negatively.


Since all nettle requires to grow is fertile soil that is wet, it makes it an easy and intriguing option to utilize as an aphrodisiac. It is a bonus that it can be consumed in tea form so it can be paired with additional stamina boosting ingredients. Even if you are not much of a hot drink fan, its roots and stems can be mixed into soups and be just as worthwhile.