Nutmeg Aphrodisiac – ‘Spice’ Up Intercourse

Nutmeg is a seed that is typically ground into a spice to incorporate into numerous delicious culinary dishes. It is a hard seed that is very aromatic and livens the senses through one whiff of its intoxicating scent. Its use began thousands of years ago in ancient cultures for medicine, however it is actually a tremendous aphrodisiac when consumed on a somewhat consistent basis.

How Is Nutmeg An Aphrodisiac?

Nutmeg raises heat levels and changes the temperature in the core of the body. This is assumed to make men and women more predisposed to engaging in sexual activity, and is known to remedy a wide array of disorders relating to intercourse. It is a substance that stimulates the nervous system and boosts the potency of men. Moreover, it is said to have a positive impact on the libido.

Believe it or not, nutmeg can become a narcotic in large enough doses, as it can provide hallucinations and mind-altering affects. It is definitely a substance that cannot be abused if you want to remain healthy, however most only use a pinch or two at a time.


Nutmeg is easy to get at your local store and a nice touch to add into meals when you want to be overcome with desire and spike your body heat. It also has active ingredients like magnesium that will make men have more quality sperm for their partner.