Onions Aphrodisiac – It Is Working?

Onion has ties to ancient civilizations like the early Egyptians because of their ability to stimulate thoughts of sex and improve blood flow to the libido. It was thought that a steady diet of onions, particularly in soups that can incorporate other aphrodisiacs like ginger, would help women become more fertile. Additionally, men who consumed onions regularly stated that they were able to perform better and longer. It is rumored that monks were forbidden from having onions because of the feelings of passion they provoke. Using onions to develop interest in intercourse is also frequently used in France.

How Does It Differ From Other Aphrodisiacs?

Onions are one of the few aphrodisiacs that does not have a sweet flavor to it. Most sex foods have similar tastes, like strawberries and cherries, due to their antioxidant properties. Chocolate is also another intimate food that has sugar in it. Onions are not something people have bedside in romantic situations, and should be served well beforehand. It is even better if raw onions become part of your regular eating routine, as the body craves its vitamins and positive impact on circulation. Onions also differ from alternative aphrodisiacs because they do not cause arousal by its aroma in most cases. Wine, ginger and avocado are aphrodisiacs that put women into a frenzy in particular. The scent of onions is very specific and is certainly an acquired taste, but not a smell that will increase the drive in either gender.

What Is The Best Way To Eat Onion?

Onions can be incorporated into literally hundreds of dishes, but eating it raw is the most efficient way to boost your testosterone. In fact, even though it is a unusual combination, marinating onions in honey (also raw) is something that can provide more endurance. It may not be the most pleasant flavor on your palette, but it is a quick tip to heighten your senses. It is advantageous to add onions into salads and meals that are clean and free of excessive sugar. This will guarantee it will have the maximum positive response in your system.

What Do Onions Do To The Body?

As an aphrodisiac, its effect on the human body is all about blood flow since it expands vessels. The selenium and zinc in onions helps jump start testosterone, and vitamins A, B, and C are all present. Another vitamin in onions is E, which is known as the ‘sex drug.’ B fuels oxygen through you, and C makes blood vessels stronger. If you run an onion under your nose it will clear your nasal passage and spark your senses to ‘awaken.’ This is essentially the same thing that takes place when you digest them, since all of the nutrients are traveling through your blood at a high rate.


Onions are cheap and appetizing, but they are not an aphrodisiac that will usually work in one session. It is a food that needs to be included in your meals numerous times, preferably on consecutive days.