Oregano Aphrodisiac – The Sensuality Food

Part of the mint family, oregano is a versatile herb that is predominantly used in various methods and flavors of cooking. It has the ability to make a positive impact on numerous senses, and releases dopamine in the brain when included into savory meals. But what does it come from, and how did oregano become linked to passion and sex?

Oregano is derived from a flowering plant that has flavorful leaves that are removed for people to consume. Occasionally the taste can numb your tongue, which is actually a good thing, because it proves that you have come across it in its more pure form.

How Is Oregano An Aphrodisiac?

Besides a terrific ingredient for food dishes, oregano is used to treat an abundance of disorders, ranging from gastrointestinal, to respiratory tract. A bonus is that it is also a dynamic aphrodisiac in its properties. Oregano is all about stimulation, and it makes the heart pump at a steady speed that boosts energy. It is said that oregano urges sexual desire, and this may be in part due to the vitamin E it contains, which is known as the ‘love drug.’ Oregano plants are very aromatic, and deliver a powerful odor that is pleasant to breath in, especially for women. If properly grown and given time to flourish, the herb is intoxicating to your brain.

Is Oregano Safe?

Oregano, particularly oregano oil, is so safe it is used commonly to control viral and bacterial conditions. Even though its smell and flavor spark an awakening to your senses, it is not harmful and exhibits many healthy effects.

What Is The Best Way To Use Oregano As An Aphrodisiac?

Oregano is something that does not blend well with many alternative aphrodisiacs because its flavor is too different on the palette in comparison with fruits and sweet substances like chocolate. The most efficient way to use oregano is to consume it as a topping or ingredient in the dishes you cook. It pairs particularly well with Italian food, which is already known as a sensual country. Mediterranean cuisine also serves as a catalyst to bring out the sexual components of its flavor. To get even more out of oregano as an aphrodisiac, it is wise to have it dried. This makes the plant leaves more potent, creating a burning desire within you to engage in intercourse.

If you are intent upon heightening you and your partner’s interest exponentially, the most logical aphrodisiac to ingest it with is red wine. Wine will reinforce oregano’s beneficial attributes, and the two tastes do not clash together.


Though not as robust as other substances that influence your libido and eagerness to commit to sex, it is certainly one of the most fun. There are hundreds of creative ways to integrate it into your diet to guarantee that you will never experience a substantial loss in drive. Additionally, its cost is very low since it is generally accepted that it is a topping or ingredient.