Oysters – Scientifically Proven Aphrodisiac

Seafood has been associated with aphrodisiacs for hundreds of years because of the nutrients they deliver, and oysters remain the most popular to this day. What is most exciting about oysters however, is that they are one of the few aphrodisiacs that have scientific research to back up the claims of them being effective in inducing enhanced sexual behavior. But what do oysters provide the body to make us flush and ready for intercourse?

What Is The History Of Oysters And Sex?

Casanova, the most famous pickup artist of all time, was a lover from the 18th century that was notorious for eating oysters in large quantities. On a more well documented medical level, researchers from the United States and Italy found that the amino acids in oysters triggered massive spikes in sex hormones. Hormones make us feel a craving to mate, and jumps in their activity makes the drive strong in men in particular, even if they have dealt with erectile dysfunction.

What Is In Oysters That Promotes Sexual Activity?

Oysters are full of zinc, which has a direct link to sperm and its production. In fact, once a male ejaculates, they are actually losing the vitamin. Oysters work to replenish normal levels when zinc drops. D-aspartic acid, in conjunction with the amino acid N-methyl-D-aspartate are critical to creating positive effects on the libido. When tested in a controlled environment, the incorporation of these two nutrients had testosterone improve in rats. Especially interesting is that both of these compounds are not frequently found in the human body, making them more potent when they enter the bloodstream. Moreover, they cannot be taken in a vitamin, so ingesting them through oysters is highly recommended.raw and fresh oysters promote sexual activity

What Is The Best Way To Consume them?

Similar to aphrodisiacs like mussels, oysters should be eaten raw. There are various schools of thought on why it makes them more efficient for sexual prowess, including the fact that the vitamins have not been altered. For example, when oysters are cooked, they lose the quantity of substances that are helpful to improving drive and stamina in the bedroom. To really feel the effects of their incorporation into your diet, eating them weekly will awaken the senses and render you more alert and aware of your desire to be with a partner.

What About Oysters Is Sensual?

Though they are an acquired taste, oysters are also considered aphrodisiacs by exhibiting sensuality (like oregano). The method with which oysters are eaten and sipped are suggestive, and some say the odd scent is intoxicating. Fair or not, they have a reputation for putting women in the mood. Even if there is no correlation to females wanting to have sex after eating oysters, the power of suggestion has worked in its favor. To eat them is an unusual experience, unlike any other food that is paired with lovemaking.


Oysters are a readily available aphrodisiac that are fun to experiment with because they vary so much in how well they stimulate pleasure in those who eat them. The huge plus is that oysters are easily available in almost every sea market, not like let’s say spanish fly – we also dedicated it full article, which is also powerful aphrodisiac but very dangerous and also rare. Some men claim they have solved their impotency, while groups of women stand by the fact that their consumption made them far more open to engaging in sex.