Pine Nut Aphrodisiac – Eliminates Infertility And Impotence

Roots of using pine nuts to enhance performance in the bedroom goes all the way back to Medieval times. Consumption of them was thought to stimulate the libido dramatically. As such they earned a following for generations to come and became synonymous with intimacy. To this day, Middle Eastern cultures use pine nuts prominently to increase sex drive in men and women.

Zinc is an aphrodisiac even when the compound is by itself, so it is no surprise that pine nuts are also a sexual food since it is full of the substance. The mineral is essential to battling impotency, and infertility can be magnified if men have a diet deficient in it. The boron in pine nuts also helps the brain function better, and delivers more arousal to those in amorous situations.

What Is The Best Way To Consume Pine Nuts?

The most solid way to get the blood pumping in the body and have you feeling flush is to mix pine nuts into salads or desserts. Salads will typically blend pine nuts with other aphrodisiacs, like avocado or onion. Additionally, the nuts also go great with chocolate to spice up a couple’s love life swiftly.


Pine nuts are an aphrodisiac that requires no preparation, and is an easy add to your diet because they can ingested in small amounts and still impact your cravings for sex.