Pito Pito – The ‘Lucky’ Aphrodisiac

Most aphrodisiacs have stories attached to how their success came to fruition, and pito pito is no different. Pito pito is a diverse blend of seven herbs, which began to give it the connotation of being lucky, as the number is commonly associated with good fortune. What is really exciting about the mixture, however, is how effective it is at enhancing sexual mood and behavior.

What Is Pito Pito?

In its simplest form, pito pito is a concoction of plants that have healing properties. When most think of medicinal leaves, they do not frequently think it can help them in the bedroom. This is an erroneous thought, as they promote wellness of both the body and mind simultaneously. It may seem boring to hear that pito pito can stop fevers in their tracks and rid you of the common cold, but the reality is their power reaches far beyond as an aphrodisiac. The main leaves that compromise pito pito are banaba, kamias leaves, lemon grass, guava leaves, suha leaves, sambong, and lagundi. It is important to note that some of these ingredients are swapped out with similar plants, but the overall impact is still the same.

How Can Pito Pito Help With Sexual Intercourse?

While it is great to have your immune system spike at its consumption, this certainly does not relate to spicing up intimate situations. Where pito pito comes into play as an aphrodisiac first starts with the senses. Digesting it allows the body to feel and perform in top shape. It livens smell and touch, both of which are crucial to intense physical interaction. One way pito pito differs from other aphrodisiacs is that it is one that improves breathing. The reason why this is of interest is because some researchers believe that it actively promotes a higher level of stamina. In theory, this increase in energy can allow couples to engage in sex longer.

How Can Pito Pito Be Consumed?

Since there are so many ingredients to the pito pito mixture, it can be added to several meals with ease, particularly if you are seeking a distinct jump in flavor. That being said, like most traditional herbal supplements, they are usually a part of drinks, namely teas. Pito pito also goes great with another strong aphrodisiac called coriander. Combination with spanish fly drops could be also very powerful.

Why Is It Important To Have All The Leaves Of Pito Pito Together?

All of the seeds and leaves in pito pito are terrific additions to your medicine arsenal on their own because of their healing prowess, but together they form a ‘cure-all’ type of solution. Physicians refer to this group of herbs as a cure all because it can help in so many different regions of the body, be it the head, stomach, or otherwise. As it pertains to being an aphrodisiac, pito pito puts the person ingesting it at the highest level of performance through added energy and sensual sensitivity.


Pito pito aphrodisiac is occasionally overlooked to help aid with intimacy because it is thought it can only be obtained in certain regions of the world. The fact of the matter is that you can substitute a few ingredients if need be, and numerous leaves can be acquired at farmer’s markets and even at your local grocery store.