Pomegranate Aphrodisiac – Boost Testosterone?

The legend of pomegranate’s sexual allure started back in ancient Greece, where it was the symbol of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. There is some debate that pomegranate is actually the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, instead of an apple or a fig. It is a fruit that embodies eternal life, but what can it do to help the body to increase sex drive?

How Is Pomegranate An Aphrodisiac?

Besides its medicinal purposes and acumen to treat depression, pomegranate is full of vitamin C, which delivers a rush to the body that provides maximum energy for intercourse. The antioxidants contained in its properties work efficiently to make sure that every system inside you is running smoothly. The juice from this food is so potent that men who regularly ingest it can see a significant drop in erectile dysfunction. It’s flavor has also been proven to raise levels of testosterone in both sexes.

Pomegranate is also a sensual fruit because inside its tough skin is a bright red gelatinous flesh full of seeds that some say resemble a female’s private parts.

This fruit, about the size of an orange, can be slightly toxic if consumed in excessively large quantities, but this is extremely rare, and in reality the bark from the tree is worse for you.


Even though pomegranate is primarily cultivated in Africa and western Asia, with a little searching you can find it in local stores. Their display is usually smaller, but it is an effective food to add to your lovemaking.