Sandalwood Aphrodisiac – An Essential Oil That Packs A Powerful Sexual Punch

small pieces of sandalwood tree on white backgroundIt doesn’t take a genius to see that essential oils entice through scent, taste, and touch. While there are a number of essential oils with a lot of potential medicinal benefits, it seems that there is one that is gaining more attention than the others. This would be sandalwood. And, this is because it has a strong aroma that not only has the ability to soothe, but it can be used in cosmetics, perfumes, incense, alternative medicines, and food. In fact, some individuals are now saying that you can even use the substance to enhance sexual performance and temptation. Is this really the case of just another of the many myths of essential oils?

A Brief Breakdown Of Sandalwood

Sandalwood is a herb that is abundantly present in many cultures around the world. It was one that was extremely important to the Tibetan and Chinese people, as they used it in a variety of medicines as early as the 700s. It was also abundantly present in the Egyptian cultures, as they used it in many of their embalming formulas. Not only this, but it eventually became an essential trade item for them. In the early 2000 BC, sandalwood can be found quoted in the epic Indian poem known as Spices and Silk. Speaking of trading, sandalwood was one of the first known items to be traded in the Middle East.

The tree from which sandalwood is produced was eventually declared a Royal Tree by the Sultan of Mysore in 1792. What was once a tree that could be found in abundance can rarely be found today. In fact, they have nearly been pushed to the edge of existence. Any landowner today with a sandalwood tree on their land must care for the trees and harvest them with government approval and they receive 75% of the tree’s value.

The Powerful Sexual Desires Of Sandalwood

With sandalwood, it is all about the scent. And, given that the substances most popular form is an essential oil, this only makes sense. However, it is the aroma that drives sexual attraction. The aroma is unlike most of the other available today, as it is sensual and masculine, which is quite different, for example, from a lavender scent that is more calm and relaxing. While it has always been a popular purchase, it is now more popular than ever amongst people in the cosmetic industry. It has also been proven that the chemical effects of the substance are similar to that of what one would get when they are indulging in human pheromones. This would be androsterone’s to be specific. Androsterones are hormones that are produced by both men and women and promote sensuality by relieving tension and mental blocks that cause impotence and stiltedness.