Is Seahorse Powder An Aphrodisiac?

As far as eating them, seahorses have a 2,000 year history, with people boasting about their helpfulness in the bedroom for nearly as long. But how do they work today, and what is the best way to incorporate them to boost intimacy?

What Does It Do?

Like many other aphrodisiacs, seahorse powder initially makes an impact by restoring a youthful appearance to those who take it regularly. Beyond that, it promotes feelings of lust and strengthens a person’s sex drive. This aphrodisiac is usually thought to be more effective in men, but women can take it as well. Asian culture believes it provides ‘Yang energy,’ which is associated with masculinity. It’s goal is to bring happiness and balance into your life, as well as a want for intercourse.

How Is Seahorse Powder Consumed?

Seahorses feel like squid on the tongue if not prepared into a more appealing form. Due to its roots from China, powder is regularly put into hot beverages like tea, and sometimes even just water, which makes it taste salty. Users state that it is beneficial to combine it with herbal drinks because it does a more efficient job at masking the flavor. Seahorse powder can also be an ingredient in alcohol, and brings a distinct flavor along with it. Some of the most popular tonic concoctions that use it include: Cuscuta, Lycium, and Sea Dragon. Serving it in broths and stews is also a common exercise. Finally, it can be ground into fine granules and placed into capsules to take before sex.

When Does It Work Best?

Feedback from users of this love supplement state that they are at their peak performance when they take it along with exercising. The thought is that it will make the body ready to engage in relations when you are at your most flush and cannot contain your urges.

Is It Safe?

While the jury is still out on how often someone can ingest seahorse powder, most agree that in small, controlled doses it is acceptable. The only people not advised to have it in their bodies are pregnant women, and those who are sick. The reason for this is it can cause body temperature to overheat if your immune system is weakened.

How Fast Does It Work?

This is a different aphrodisiac than most because it takes more time to see its positive effects. Some aphrodisiacs, like licorice, can have an immediate effect on drive and libido. Seahorse powder, on the other hand, has to be taken multiple times so it is in the bloodstream and drives up sexual charge.

How Hard Is It To Acquire?

Unless you reside in Asia, dried seahorses are going to be hard to come by, unless you find a trusted outlet that sells them primarily as aphrodisiacs. Even though they are linked to men’s vitality, they are used for other purposes as well. If you are in a different country, your best bet is to seek out hubs that believe in their sexual properties.


Seahorse powder is a solid selection if you do not like taking pills, and prefer to restore your desire to mate through primarily mixing it into liquids.