Shrimp Aphrodisiac – Rich In Nutrients Vital To An Active Sex Life

One of the most widely recognized and delicious aphrodisiacs available, shrimp has become a mainstay all over the globe, but especially in the deep south where its reputation precedes it. But how does this popular food help in the bedroom?

History Of Shrimps In A Few Sentences

In the United States, shrimp gumbo is the most well-known serving of the aphrodisiac, but certainly not the only one. Crustaceans and seafood overall have been paired with passion-inducing effects for centuries due to their ability to utilize the Omega-3 fatty acids in them to improve circulation. This circulation is critical to stimulating the human body, particularly in men. It is an added bonus that they also exhibit anti-aging properties.

What Aphrodisiac Effects Does Shrimp Produce?

There are several aphrodisiacs that promote healthy sex drive, but shrimp is near the top of the list in terms of its effectiveness. For starters, when absorbed through digestion, shrimp gives the body iodine. Iodine is a frequently overlooked chemical element that is often absent in our diets. It is important to maintain consistent levels of iodine, as being deficient in it will noticeably decrease a person’s cravings for sex. Scientists believe this is a result of iodine’s impact on both basal metabolism and manipulating the thyroid gland.

Additionally, shrimp harbors plenty of iron and zinc, especially if eaten in large quantities. Zinc in particular is worthwhile as it is already an aphrodisiac. It is essential to testosterone and sperm production, which are obviously coveted in regards to sexual relations.

Shrimp is also known as a suggestive aphrodisiac because of its slippery, raw appearance and pink hue. When males and females make the association of a delicacy with sex, it fires off the receptors in the brain to release dopamine. This is why women in particular are known to be giddy after consuming seafood, especially oysters.

In the bulk of circumstances, shrimp is a very safe food that won’t overly disrupt your diet. There are some who can exhibit symptoms of an allergic reaction to seafood, so if that is the case, it is wise to avoid it. Particularly if shrimp is eaten in moderation, its negative impact to your well being is minimal at best.

What Is The Best Way To Consume Shrimps?

Shrimp requires a little preparation to be edible, but if you are planning on maximizing its sexual properties to heighten cravings to consummate with your partner, less is more. That is to say that overly fried shrimp will eliminate some of its positive ingredients in the process. The reason shrimp is such a potent aphrodisiac in stews and soups is because it can be combined with other powerful intimacy stimulating components. Gumbo, for example, can incorporate garlic and onions, each of which are an aphrodisiac in their own right.


Shrimp is an item that works well with other seafood like lobster and clams, and is used creatively in a wealth of recipes. It is effective at boosting previously dormant sex drives and spiking interest in your partner.