Spanish Fly Pro Aphrodisiac Product Review

Bottle of opened Spanish Fly PRO product on grey backgroundThis site was created for a variety of reasons, but primarily out of the passion that I (we) have in trying new things, including specific unique and special foods from around the globe. Aphrodisiacs are one of the most alluring and interesting substances on the planet, and as such, I decided to research and test the majority of them I could get my hands on. After extensive trial and error, my journey was almost at an end, until I received an email from one of my dedicated readers about Spanish Fly Pro. I found his truthful, objective opinion refreshing, straight to the point, and most of all, insightful.

Spanish Fly Pro review by one of my loyal readers


I have been a loyal reader of yours since the beginning of this site because of your engaging and interesting case studies on aphrodisiacs. Particularly noteworthy to me was your testing of the effects of these aphrodisiacs from numerous cultures across 7 continents. Your vast information motivated me to play Sherlock Holmes and do some research on my own, which led me to the Spanish Fly PRO, which I subsequently ordered.

I am sure you have been overcome by the feeling of “what the fuck did I just do” when clicking the pay button and ordering something you are unfamiliar with. I thought to myself, “did I just completely waste my hard earned cash on a shady libido enhancement product?” I was concerned if the package would even arrive to me, let alone what my wife would think.

Luckily I was put at ease with various confirmation emails and a tracking ID from the company. This fortunately took me from worrying to anxious about its delivery.

After a few business days, the package arrived. I was relieved the box it was shipped in was completely neutral, so I didn’t have to announce to the world I was trying an aphrodisiac. The black bottle inside was luxurious, sleek, simple, and informative, with all the necessary information about its contents.

I reached out to you in this email because I felt my case study might be of interest to you given your field of expertise. To my surprise (and excitement), Spanish Fly PRO has worked wonders for my wife and me. In the long run, it has also had a positive effect on our family, since both of our moods and frames of mind improved for the better. The first thing I noticed is how much it increased my wife’s desire to be sexual and how often she craved intercourse. For me personally, it was a huge eye-opener that massively impacted our sex life from how it altered my view of women and what works the best and quickest to turn them on to get them coming back for more.

I am fully aware trying products is not your main goal, but I urge you to at least give it a go in the name of science. I would be extremely curious to hear how your experience compared to mine.

I know your schedule is busy, but if at all possible you could call me that would be fantastic. If nothing else, I wanted to thank you for sending me down the right path due to the information on your site. I am grateful you helped me find a solution to everyday problems I had been dealing with, like my diet, sexual appetite, and performance.”

Needless to say, the email piqued my curiosity. Never one to back down from a challenge, I took his information and got myself caught up with the Spanish Fly. Before offering my review and opinion, it should be noted that I discovered the name Spanish Fly PRO has nothing to do with the Spanish Fly beetle, and that they use the name simply to honor its aphrodisiac-like qualities.

Never one to back down from a challenge, I ordered my bottle from I received my bottle in a discrete package five days after my order date.

Does Spanish Fly Pro work for me?

Consistency is key for me because if a product does not work more than once (if at all), it is not worth the time in my view. Spanish Fly PRO routinely works successfully, both for myself and the friends I recommended it to with their girlfriends. Like me, they have been singing its praises. The cost of Spanish Fly PRO is a little bit on the pricey end, but not a deal breaker. Over time I realized that I would rather pay a little extra for quality than sacrifice effectiveness for a cheaper alternative. Guarantees mean more to me than the dollar amount.

Side effects

I do not like to have my buddies try things that are not safe, so it is extremely advantageous that Spanish Fly PRO is FDA approved and 100% herbal. It is rewarding to support a relatively small company that doesn’t use chemicals, as I detest pharmaceutical companies that pack aphrodisiacs with additives and foreign substances which are terrible for you (I know from experience). There was free shipping on my order (at least for me) and I was more confident by the fact that they offer a 60 day money back guarantee. I tend not to trust businesses that do not believe in their product, so this was a bonus.

My Verdict:

Since I have been a chemistry teacher for 10+ years, I, fortunately, had knowledge about the ingredients that are typically in the bulk of libido pills and similar shady products. Because Spanish Fly PRO takes an herbal approach, its components are much more potent and natural.

Official Seller:

By itself, my personal recommendation may be limited, however, it is reassuring that my friends and loyal readers have also documented their success with it. If you have any questions about this product or any other of the wide range of foods and substances I’ve tried, do not hesitate to contact me here: for my honest feedback. It would be my pleasure to get back to you ASAP.