Sushi Aphrodisiac – Sex Food From The Ocean

Because of its ‘fishy’ flavor sushi is not for everyone, but it is an effective, fast-acting aphrodisiac because of how it is made and the vitamins digested from it. But where did sushi come from and why does it enhance love-making?

History Of Sushi

In Greek mythology, it is heavily emphasized that foods that come from the ocean are the children of Aphrodite. This is pertinent to aphrodisiacs because she is referenced throughout history as the Goddess of Love. As a food, it actually originated in Japan, which has provided some of the most creative and interesting aphrodisiacs in the world.

What Is In Sushi That Makes It An Aphrodisiac?

Of all the foods on the planet to eat to give you a boost in sexual energy, sushi may be the most pertinent. This is for a plethora of reasons. The first of which is that sushi has so many different combinations of flavors and ingredients in them. The fish used in sushi is high in Omega 3 fatty acids, as well as zinc. Both of these are hugely advantageous to stamina and energy during intercourse. The seaweed used to prepare sushi also has vitamin E in it. Vitamin E is known as a ‘sex vitamin’ since it boosts libido activity and helps eliminate low sex drive.

Wasabi and ginger are also frequently paired with sushi, and they are aphrodisiacs as well. Different from zinc, they heat up the body and get blood moving at a faster rate. This is important for stimulation, especially for men, and is integral to your heart pumping at a healthy rate.

The scent of sushi is also vital to sexual activity, particularly in women. Studies show that females find certain types of fresh fish heighten their senses. Conversely, men associate the smooth, raw nature of the food with intercourse because of its innuendo. Because it is soft, slippery and gentle on the tongue, it is said that it is similar to female genitalia.

What Is The Best Way To Get The Most Out Of Sushi?

Wrapping the sushi you eat in seaweed is always recommended if you are consuming it for intimacy. Additionally, the fish you choose to make it with will go a long way in how well it will help you in the bedroom. For example, tuna, salmon, and yellowtail all contain vitamins that aid the body in performing during sex.

Is Sushi Safe?

Any delicacy coming directly from the sea will have some people allergic to it. Select few individuals have medical conditions prohibiting them from indulging in fish, and occasionally the fact that most of it is raw may irritate your digestive system.

Overall however, sushi is a safe food, particularly if the fish has been properly cleaned. Even though its raw nature can make some people ill, it is actually this fact that makes it so successful when paired with your partner. Since sushi includes very few processed ingredients, it gets into the bloodstream faster and does not dilute or eliminate the nutrients that increase your cravings for sex.


Sushi is a fantastic addition to livening up intimacy with your partner, and is readily available to eat in most parts of the world. It is also a food that can have different ingredients swapped in and out to test their aphrodisiac-like effects.