Tongkat Ali Aphrodisiac – Mental And Physical Remedy For Sex

Tongkat ali is yet another in a long line of aphrodisiacs that are derived from flowering plants found all over the globe. Typically referred to under the name eurycoma longifolia, it is native to areas in Indonesia and a particularly potent source of a myriad of positive human wellness benefits.

What Is The History Of Tongkat Ali Aphrodisiac?

Tongkat ali being utilized as an aphrodisiac was a long process in the making, as the roots of the plant were and still are frequently incorporated into drinks and medical supplements. Skeptics of its properties cite there is no direct scientific data to support its widely noted positive claims, but few take the position that it is merely a placebo. Instead, tongkat ali has a strong reputation of helping with a large number of ailments. It is one of the most diverse methods to address stress, testosterone levels, weight loss and hormonal deficiencies.

The reason why eurycoma longifolia eventually became paired with being an aphrodisiac is that it was reported that those who consumed health tonics with its ingredients on a regular basis noticed a substantial spike in energy, stamina, and sexual cravings. Initially it was thought of as a sort of side of effect to its usage, but over time began to be shared in medical communities as a way to battle erectile dysfunction.

What Does Tongkat Ali Do To The Body?

Even non-FDA approved substances that contain tongkat ali have routinely proven to generate a greater count and more quality to the sperm in males. This is obviously extremely coveted for fertility purposes, and one of the reasons it is said to make women more predisposed to sharing intimacy with whomever consumes it. Tongkat ali is also known as a calming agent, with unsubstantiated claims that it is especially worthwhile in soothing nerves and stimulating the release of dopamine during foreplay. Dopamine plays a vital role during intercourse, because it triggers the brain to allow you to feel pleasure and feelings of happiness.

How Is Tongkat Ali Consumed As An Aphrodisiac?

Like most herbal supplements, especially those from southeast Asia, tongkat ali is commonly boiled and put into health tonics with other ancient ingredients that boost mental and sexual activity. Because it is used in so many different ways, it can even be found in coffees and paired with additives to flavor your favorite drinks.

Are There Side Effects To Tongkat Ali?

Even though tongkat ali is natural and comes from the ground, it does not mean it will not harm you in the long run. In moderation, it is a perfectly acceptable method with which to spark your interest in sex and guarantee your partner enjoys your new levels of stamina and improved sperm production. However, if abused and ingested daily, it can damage the enzymes in your liver. This is extremely rare, and should not deter those interested in its rumored positives.


Tongkat ali is one of the best outside the box type aphrodisiacs for people in search of an ancient solution to their woes in the bedroom. Its nickname of being called “Malaysian ginseng” further leads credence to its exceptional word of mouth in manipulating energy, larger libido and strides in mental health for the better. To be honest it almost make it to our top aphrodisiacs list but the thing that it could be dangerous in the long-run changed our mind.