TOP 5 Natural Aphrodisiacs For Women Of ALL TIME!

If you read our articles on a regular basis, you should know that we are constantly traveling around the world and searching for interesting foods or techniques to get the most from our sex lives. If that is not enough to intrigue you, perhaps we can reveal a little more about us.

This time we decided to sit down for a beer and talk about the BEST aphrodisiacs we ever tried, but first:

What is an Aphrodisiac? Definitely not a drug!

Essentially most know what they are, though there are some misconceptions. Genuine aphrodisiacs that work should increase sexual desire when consumed. Most people attempt to seduce their partners with them, but are they really working?

We are sure you have previously read plenty of magazine style articles about TOP women or men aphrodisiacs, but this ultimate TOP 5 list is special and different because:

We have built this site for one sole purpose: to find the most powerful, NATURAL love substances available worldwide. Through extensive research of the 265 substances already tested by us, we hand picked only the best FIVE that stand out above the rest!

All aphrodisiacs listed below are primarily intended to boost arousal in females, however we are 100% sure that they are just as effective for males too.

We decided to start with the #1 place in our ranking and in our humble opinion the best aphrodisiac substance in the world right now! All 4 of us who provide insight to this site came to an agreement based on the positive results.


Our #1 Place – Spanish Fly PRO – Most Deserving Winner

Why you ask? You may have thought this chart would contain only aphrodisiacs that are free in nature like fruits, herbs and other similar foods, etc. While they are most definitely worthwhile, Spanish Fly Pro stands apart from any competing love substance as far as effectiveness. Even though it comes with a reasonable price tag, after extensive research, our team agreed that its position at #1 is unbeatable, at least for now!

Long story short: After exhaustive reviewing of aphrodisiacs for the last 4 years, I ordered the product after writing an article about the original spanish fly aphrodisiac. Spanish Fly Pro has proven to be the most efficient substance that actually works in enhancing sexual encounters.

Having a degree in chemistry, I can say without hesitation that the ingredients they utilize are so potent, that achieving results have never been easier. If you are experiencing problems with low libido, no sexual desire or drive for sex (which can cause marital problems), it is worth giving this safe product a shot.

How to use it: Put 5-7 drops into beverage of your choice, drink it and wait 10-15 minutes for desired effect.


Upon browsing the site you can undoubtedly see that me and my team have tested hundreds of foods, roots and minerals, and nothing comes even remotely close to this substance. Speaking personally, it has allowed me to view my sex life from a different angle, and my pleasure has been the most intense I’ve ever experienced. My wife confirm the same. We are together for 5 years, so when she tell “that experience after taking those drops from that black small bottle was awesome”, you should believe her!

Perhaps even more appealing is that it is 100% herbal based and FDA approved to put you at ease. Additionally, reviews all over the internet on their respective sites corroborate our positive experience.

Where to buy it?



Our #2 Place – Spanish Fly LOVE – Solid Second Choice

Like you, I am frequently skeptical when my email is flooded with new aphrodisiac products that pertain to the area of relationship development. However, Spanish Fly LOVE has proven to also be a phenomenal alternative. Both the #1 and #2 products undoubtedly use the Spanish Fly name for marketing purposes, as both only contain herbal ingredients that are safe and FDA approved.

Most interesting is that when you consider that a team of sexual health physicians worked in a laboratory for a year to create an aphrodisiac that will actually be successful, it is hard to imagine food sources like pineapple even coming close in effectiveness.

How to use it: Same as Spanish Fly PRO, few drops into wine, water or anything you want. Taste good with everything.


Of the 4 of us on our research team, only 1 said that LOVE was stronger than PRO in his opinion. That said, after using it myself I experienced one of the most intense nights in my life. It is my hope that more people will notice this little gem and stop using pharmaceutical choices that are ineffective and do not use herbal ingredients. No matter who you are, everyone deserves to both be healthy, and live an active and fulfilling sexual lifestyle. This Spanish Fly version has the ability to deliver both.

Where to buy it?



Our #3 Place – NOTHING – Seriously, Nothing

When it comes to solutions you put in your body, honesty is key and we cannot lie. In our view, nothing is comparable with 1st and 2nd place. Even still, we love to hear feedback and it would be our pleasure to hear your opinion by writing us: myaphrodisiacs(@)


Our #4 Place – Red Wine – YES!

Everyone who has tasted alcohol knows of its effects, but red wine in particular is a powerful aphrodisiac that works every time when consumed responsibly. Nobody can deny that women loves the wine, especially in the evening with their partner to get in the mood for sex or just relax after hard working day.


The better the wine is, the better the potential aphrodisiac it is, as how the grapes are cured and prepared go a long way to boosting our sex drive. Wine can get you in the perfect mood for intercourse by relaxing you immediately. If you are a person that does not prefer alcohol, there are other choices that you can try. If interested about how it positively helps with sex, we dedicated an entire article on wine as an aphrodisiac, which will answer any questions you have about its abilities.


Our #5 Place – Dark Chocolate – Super Tasty

Personally, I’m the guy who thinks that foods that are considered aphrodisiacs must be tasty if I am going to use them! Lots of great aphrodisiacs aren’t that appetizing, but I was happy that my team agreed on 5th place, as it is delicious for almost everyone and also stimulates you quickly.


Chocolate contains phenylethylamine which is perfect for getting yourself into mood, as it essentially elicits excitement and your sense of well-being.

We are reccomend at least 75% dark chocolate to get the most out of this aphrodisiac.



Honorable mentions

Other magazines put those substances in the first-line of their lists but i decided to put them here – in honorable mentions. They can provide libido-boosting effects but their availability, taste and price is non-comparable with our TOP list above. I know that aphrodisiacs for women are hot topic, but be sure that all of these works perfectly fine with men too so don’t forget about them!

Tribulus: Lots of bodybuilders in your gym will swear, that tribulus terrestris, also known as bindii is the best substance for increasing free body testosterone. There is also one study, where 88% of women with sexual dysfunction experienced increased sexual satisfaction after taking tribulus for longer period of time (90 days) but my experience is quite different.

There is one major problem with tribulus and that is the quality of it! Is almost impossible to find product with Protodioscin which is most important active component in it. Be aware and read labels.

Ginkgo Biloba: A few years ago my grandmother got a big box of ginkgo biloba tea from us. I thought Ginkgo Biloba can prevent memory loss, now I know that Ginkgo biloba hasn’t lived up to its early promise and don’t help with it as much as you would think! But what about their aphrodisiac effect?

It is true that Chinese medicine us it as a treatment for something like depression or poor sexual function. Two important studies to link to: [1] and [2].

  • 1. This study confirm that Ginkgo Biloba have important effect on all 4 phases of the sexual response cycle: desire, excitement, orgasm, and resolution in both genders. Note: Women were more responsive to it and archieve better results. Daily dosage: 60 mg to 120 mg.
  • 2. This study is the opposite of the first in terms of results. No statistically significant differences were found after taking a Ginkgo Biloba for 12 full weeks.
  • I personally used it for a three weeks and saw no differences in my sexual life.

    Maca: Yes, this one works and the effects are actually backed by a science. Maca is sweet root – vegetable mostly used for it known health benefits.

    Numerous studies confirm that Maca is effective natural aphrodisiac for men and women. Results? In conclusion, treatment with Maca improved sexual desire, but be prepared for a few side effects too. Although participants tolerate those intakes without any major problem, i still need more data to safely reccomend optimal dosage.

    The big role in every aphrodisiac play the placebo effect. Maca definitely have it effect on sexual life but numerous studies indicate that patients with placebo experienced some positive results too.[3] Never forget that every problem is only in your head.

    Ginseng: There are numerous types of ginseng, but only one seems to be effective in fighting with low libido on women – Red Ginseng. This one study found that red ginseng improved sexual desire in menopausal women.[4]

    Men with erectile dysfunction with find this study quite interesting: the right dose of red ginseng improve erectile function twice as much as placebo! More here.

    I think red ginseng is really interesting and is worth trying. Still not sure about optimal dosage and also found few side effects to be quite disturbing, like headaches, constipation or stomach problems. I definitely need more studies to confirm the effectiveness.

    Pine Nuts: No big studies behind this, but pine nuts are really high in zinc. Zinc is extremely important because it can dramatically increase sperm count and stamina. What is perfect about this aphrodisiac is the way how you can use it in everyday life. Add them in salads or desserts and I guarantee you improved health and better sex if you’re lucky.

    Cinnamon: Anti-inflammatory properties are huge plus but can you expect any aphrodisiac effect from it? I bet yes, and will tell you why.

    It looks that aromatherapy with cinnamon have a huge success among first users. It releases dopamine in the brain and help patients relax. The part of cinnamon smell is Cinnamaldehyde which is pungent for women and make them more interested in lovemaking than usual.

    I love cinnamon and found it very tasty in all kind of snacks and treats which could be used as a foreplay food. Its cheap and healthy.

    Final words

    Aphrodisiacs foods and products should be are a great way to improve libido in both genders and discover new bed experiences.

    Be sure to try only small amounts at once and feel the results, only after that increase your portion based on your personal tolerance.

    Do you have tip for even better aphrodisiacs? Write me at myaphrodisiacs(@) and I will taste it and write my results here!