Truffle Aphrodisiac – The Magic Of The Aroma

a two truffles on white background, one is cutWhat do you know about truffles? You probably know that they are referred to as the diamonds of the gourmet world. You probably know about the two greats and how they make everything so much better. You probably also likely know that you no longer need to travel all the way to Europe to indulge in this decadent delicacy. However, despite all of this knowledge, you likely don’t know that they are also considered one of the world’s finest aphrodisiacs.

The History Of The Truffle

There is no denying that the truffle has come a long way since its discovery. Although there is no proof or evidence of when the ingredient was found, it was the Egyptians that used to consume truffles back in their time. Even dating back to ancient Egypt, truffles were considered somewhat of gourmet food. It was during these times that they were smothered in goose fat and enjoyed with meals or enjoyed on their own as a snack. However, they were not really incorporated into other dished at the time.

The truffle was so popular during these times that they were followed with a myth. It was believed that one day a farmer noticed one of his pigs digging in the dart at a certain tree’s root. He went over to see what the pig was after and discovered this delicious mushroom. After eating the mushroom (also mushrooms in overall), he and his wife were blessed with several healthy children. It was also believed that truffles started growing at the base of this particular tree because it was struck by lighting, thus meaning that it was touched by the gods.

How Are Truffles An Aphrodisiac?

While truffles are delicious and exciting to consume, it is a common belief that it is the musky odor that causes the aphrodisiac effects. It is said that this musky odor resembles that of male pheromones. Although it is clearly the aroma that is the driving force behind the sexual desire of this food item, the scent is not the only attribute of the truffle’s aphrodisiac reputation. It is the fact that they are such a luxury and rarity that turn people on as well. Along with this, they are high in protein and pair well with a variety of other delectable food items.

How To Use Them For Best Effect?

You just need the scent of the truffle to get the aphrodisiac effects. You’ll likely get the biggest benefit when the ingredient is cooking or just after it has been served, so make sure that the wife is around when you are whipping up the dish. Or, be sure to be a big whiff of your plate when the server drops it on your table.