Tuna Aphrodisiac – Love Food From The Sea

Saltwater fish would not immediately spring to mind when thinking of popular aphrodisiacs, however tuna is full of essential health benefits that bring positive effects to intimacy.

How Is Tuna An Aphrodisiac?

Maintaining sexual health is a breeze with tuna because of its B vitamins and calcium. More critically, the omega-3 fatty acids aid in producing sex hormones. Sperm production also reaches its peak with the incorporation of selenium. Tuna is a mood-enhancing food that awakens sensory input, similar to oysters; another aphrodisiac from the sea. Most people in Japan know of raw tuna as sashimi, which has been associated with promoting sex drive for centuries.

In medical studies on animals, decades of research has shown that the quality of sperm is improved upon after consuming tuna, and that sperm production is at an all time high. Tuna is also known to help with the output of semen.

What Is The Best Way To Consume Tuna?

Tuna works efficiently eating it straight from the can, but is particularly potent in salads that contain onions, which offer aphrodisiac properties on their own.


Tuna is a go to aphrodisiac if one is seeking a reprieve from fruit to boost their interest in mating. Its taste is different on the palette, and it works quickly to have the body at heightened awareness for stimulation.