Vanilla Aphrodisiac – Unleashing The Sexual Power

one piece of vanilla flower with root
Vanilla is without a doubt one of the most common flavorings out there today. You’ll find it available in everything from vanilla candles to vanilla ice cream and more. Most people know and love the flavor, but what’s even more interesting is that it can be used as a powerful aphrodisiac. That’s right, but why don’t you get an increase in sexual desire when you eat vanilla ice cream? That’s because the true power lies in the aroma of the flavoring.

A Brief Rundown On The History Of The Flavoring

In Western cuisine, you’ll find vanilla available in a wide range of foods. Despite this fact, most people don’t know that it was the Totonac people to first cultivate the flavoring. They did so along the Gulf of Mexico in what is known as Veracruz today. There is a myth as to how this orchid grew. It was believed by the Totonac people that a princess fell in love with a mortal and was forbidden by her father to have anything to do with him. This is when they ran off together, but was captured and subsequently beheaded in a forest. Legend has it that where their blood spilled and seeped into the ground is where the orchid grew.

When the Spanish conquistadors under Cortez arrived in the area they sampled a drink offered to them by the Aztec Emperor, Montezuma. This drink contained vanilla beans along with chocolate and it quickly became the sought after drink for the extremely wealthy. In 1602, an apothecary of Queen Elizabeth suggested that the substance could be used as a flavoring by itself. This is when vanilla was introduced to the world and it was combined in a variety of products including tobacco.

Why And How Is Vanilla An Aphrodisiac?

There is little doubt that vanilla is an aphrodisiac. However, there is a lot of debate as to why this is the case. Some believe that it is because it is a calm and sensual scent while others believe it is the exotic taste. What is known is that tastes and smells are extremely important when it comes to arousal. And, there has long been a connection between the sweet, alluring aroma of vanilla and sexual arousal.

Properly Consuming Vanilla For Desired Effects

Vanilla can be applied to the skin, consumed in a number of food items, or simply taken in a liquid form. When it is consumed, it acts on the central nervous system where it will help combat sexual debilitation. That being said, it seems to be the Heliotropin in the substance that is mostly responsible for the soothing of emotional tension, reduction of anxiety, and stress.