Vitamin C Aphrodisiac – Help For Hormones And Sperm

It is common knowledge that vitamin C helps the human body battle back against disease and bacteria, but it actually contains properties of being an aphrodisiac as well. Almost every fruit that is associated with intimacy has vitamin C in them, and they help promote antioxidants which essentially ‘cleans’ your blood from the inside out. But what does vitamin C provide as a sexual supplement?

Boost Of Energy

Vitamin C keeps you well equipped to have spurts of energy, particularly as it relates to endurance. The more vitamin C a person consumes, the faster their recovery time is. The easiest way to explain its impact is to view it as a method with which your muscles and libido are susceptible to positive change. This comes in the form of limiting fatigue and allowing your sexual senses to be fully alert.

Fluent Hormone Production

Progesterone, estrogen and androgen are all affected by vitamin C. Its nutrients play a critical part in ensuring that hormones are produced at a consistent level, and performing correctly. Those who are deficient in vitamin C generally display less sex drive because their hormonal balance has been altered. Usually this will not hurt a person unless their diet depends on it, but it will directly relate to a loss of interest in having intercourse.

Jump Start Nitric Oxide For Blood Flow

The reason vitamin C can awaken your libido is because it aids in nitric oxide dilation of blood vessels. What this does is widen the path with which blood can flow, which stimulates areas of the body faster. The result is blood moving at a far quicker rate and gets the heart generating at a forceful and healthy pace.

Increase Semen Volume

The amount of semen produced by a person is paired with their level of vitamin C intake. In fact, studies have shown that people who routinely partake in the supplement display the ability to create more during mating. Sperm can be destroyed by free radicals that render them useless. Vitamin C makes the travel of sperm a fluid process that improves the likelihood of fertilization.

What Is The Best Way To Consume Vitamin C?

Taking a pill is perfectly fine, and will have many positive effects. That said, our systems prefer to digest nutrients as opposed to just swallowing them. Ingesting vitamin C through several various foods is highly recommended, as fruits and greens will maximize the number of nutrients being absorbed.

Are There Side Effects To Vitamin C?

Side effects for this substance are slim to none, however if your entire diet is predicated just on this vitamin, you will experience cramps and slight nausea. It is at its best when mixed with exercise and proteins, so they can all work in unison to develop your muscles and heighten your senses.


Vitamin C is a wonderful aphrodisiac because it can blend sensual fruits like strawberries or cherries and deliver better blood flow and sperm count. You can also easily mix it with other powerful vitamins! It is readily available all over the world, and is swiftly digested.