The Sex Vitamin – Vitamin E Aphrodisiac

Of all supplements available over the counter, vitamin E is the only one referred to as the ‘sex vitamin’ by health professionals due to its dramatic effects on men and women. It is an aphrodisiac with a well documented track record, and has perhaps the biggest upside when compared to all other supplements taken to improve intimacy.

Why Is Vitamin E So Effective?

Even though vitamin C and magnesium are frequently mentioned in the same breath as powerful aphrodisiacs, it is the E vitamin that has the biggest impact. The reason it is so potent is because it causes beneficial change in numerous regions of the body. For starters, it makes individuals look and feel younger, and revitalizes energy that is otherwise dormant. Skin glows with a healthy shine, and wrinkles disappear with its use. It makes circulation flow more smoothly which is vital to successful procreation.

Vitamin E makes sex more pleasurable by maximizing oxygen and blood flow to your libido. It creates an insatiable desire in men to experience orgasms. E vitamins make women feel full of life and a willingness to mate, as they feel emotions directly linked to being in heat.

How To Get The Best Results From It

To get the best results from vitamin E, consuming it with other fruits, and things like ginger aphrodisiac make it irresistible to both sexes alike. Men who have vitamin E in their regular diets can frequently last longer between the sheets, and mixing it with additional antioxidants provides a boost in performance.

Though not a cure all for erectile dysfunction, vitamin E aids in circumventing it by ridding the body of free radicals that can limit sex drive. Since it reinforces the immune system, it lessens the likelihood of fatigue and stimulates recovery after sex faster than normal.

Is It Safe?

Unlike other aphrodisiacs, vitamin E is backed by years of science and is an overwhelmingly positive addition to any couple. It is not a placebo like several competitors, and helps in far more areas than just intercourse. It is literally the safest aphrodisiac as well, as its inclusion into your diet is advantageous to the nervous system. There is virtually no drawback to taking it routinely, and is found in many forms beyond just vitamins.

Who Does It Encourage More To Have Sex? Men Or Women?

According to studies, the properties in vitamin E that creates a want for mating are said to be roughly equal between the sexes. Men want to align with women, and females yearn for intimacy. It is a health solution that is inexpensive and promotes not just intense sex, but prolonged sessions as well.


Vitamin E is a drugstore away from being introduced into your bedroom to improve sexual appetite and endurance exponentially. If both partners partake in the aphrodisiac, the sky is the limit for the level of pleasure they can reach. As a tip, try mixing it with licorice to experience a rush of energy.